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With a regular menu as good as the one Del Taco’s created, you might think that the wildly underrated fast-food chain wouldn’t even need a secret menu. But this is the internet we’re talking about; at the end of the day, hacks will be made.

Want to change things up the next time you hit Del? We've detailed seven dishes from Del Taco’s unofficial “secret menu,” including exactly how you should order 'em.

Note: A lot of these dishes require some hefty prep on the part of Del Taco’s employees. Ask nicely, make sure they’re not slammed with customers, and definitely slide them a few extra bucks for their trouble.

Stoner Burrito

  • Order the half-pound bean and cheese burrito.

  • Add fries, green sauce, red sauce, and special sauce.

Breakfast Taco

Don’t. Ask. For this. If. The restaurant. Is busy.

  • Order a hard shell taco stuffed with scrambled eggs, hash browns, and cheese.

  • Top with any of Del Taco’s sauces.

Cheese Burrito

I wouldn’t call this a true secret menu item, but I’ve done this, and it’s damn tasty.

  • Order a burrito with extra cheese, red sauce, and sour cream.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shake

Del Taco’s secret menu extends to the drink department, which is good news because Del’s milkshakes are incredibly legit.

  • Request a cookie blended into whatever milkshake you order.

  • Tip, tip, tip.

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Del Taco Bun TacoPhoto credit: Del Taco

Bun Taco

This is just your favorite fast-food taco fixings on a burger bun. In the '70s, Del Taco actually had this on the official menu. Check your local store — some places still do it.

The Combo Cup

Trying to cut carbs? This is your go-to Del Taco menu hack.

  • Order your taco or burrito inside a cup. 
  • Get a side of chips if you get lonely without carbs.

Green Bean Machine

I’m never trying to start my morning off with green beans, but luckily this burrito's name is a misnomer.

  • Order a burrito with cheese, scrambled eggs, beans, and green sauce. 
  • Crank it up even further with a packet of Del Inferno sauce.

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