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Dark chocolate is commonly heralded as a heart-healthy sweet and is known as a nutritious — and delicious — source of antioxidants. Whether you indulge in dark chocolate for the sake of your blood pressure or your happiness (chocolate makes just about anything better, after all), you may want to rethink your habit following findings from Consumer Reports that showed the 28 chocolate bars it tested for heavy metals all contained lead and cadmium.

@consumerlab_ Is Your Chocolate or Cocoa Toxic? ConsumerReports just reported dangerous levels of heavy metals in dark chocolate, just days after reported similar findings in dark chocolates as well as in cocoa powders. ConsumerLab also tested for beneficial flavanols, choosing Top Picks with high flavanols and low toxic metals. You can find the report on #darkchocolate #heavymetals #lead #cadmium #consumerreports #consumerlab #healthyfoods #health #flavanols #toppicks #chocolate #cocoapowder #toxicmetals ♬ original sound - ConsumerLab_

Of the products tested, 23 chocolate bars exceeded the amount of what is considered safe for human consumption in just 1 ounce for at least one of those heavy metals, while five of the bars surpassed harmful levels for both lead and cadmium. Hershey's, Trader Joe's, Dove, Ghirardelli, and Lindt are just a few of the familiar chocolate brands that contained heavy metals.  

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Munching on heavy metal-laden chocolate might cause concern for some consumers, The National Confectioners Association told Tasting Table, a food-themed website, that dark chocolate is still safe to consume. "The products cited in this study are in compliance with strict quality and safety requirements," the trade group said in a statement.

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