Need a Last-Minute Gift? Consider Some Kringles

O&H Danish Bakery Kringle cover photo

O&H Danish Bakery / Cheapism / Rachel Schneider

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O&H Danish Bakery Kringle cover photo
O&H Danish Bakery / Cheapism / Rachel Schneider

Old Kris Kringle Is the King of "Kringling"

Here's the main thing I have to say about kringles: If you know, you know (and if you don't, we'll explain it on the next slide). This is the tippy-top tier of pastries if you ask me. 

You might have heard some buzz about Wisconsin-based O&H Danish Bakery's kringles being all the rage at Trader Joe's during the holidays. But inside a Trader Joe's store isn't the only place you'll find O&H's kringles. You can order these pastries online — and with a super-quick shipping speed promise, they make the perfect last-minute gift idea

O&H Bakery apple kringle
O&H Danish Bakery

What Is a Kringle?

As you might have guessed from the name of one of the best-known bakeries behind these pastries, kringles have Northern European roots spanning back to 13th-century Denmark. The Danish-American pastry we enjoy today, however, booms in Wisconsin, where Danish heritage and traditions are abundant. 

The delicate yet decadent pastry is made up of 36 flaky layers of buttery dough and packed with an assortment of sweet fillings, including fruits, cheese, nuts, and more. After kringles are baked, they are finished off with icing and sometimes additional toppings like nuts.

O&H Danish bakery kringle box
Rachel Schneider / Cheapism

What Are Some of the Best O&H Bakery Goods for Gifting?

Listen, if there's one thing I'm not going to do, it's discriminate against pastries. Especially the kind filled with fruits, nuts, custards, and so on. I will, however, tell you all about some of the best products that I've personally tasted from O&H.

Disclaimer: O&H Danish Bakery provided samples for tasting for this story, but my review of the products remains unbiased. 

O&H Bakery A Very Danish Christmas Kringle
Rachel Schneider / Cheapism

A Very Danish Christmas Kringle

It feels so appropriate that a kringle that's supposed to embody the jolliest holiday of all is the bakery's most delicious flavor. This stuff is pretty much the answer to that internal fret of, "But which flavor do I choose? They all sound good!" Apparently, this one was inspired by a traditional Christmas dessert in Denmark called Risalamande — and now we're daydreaming about spending the holiday in the land of the Vikings.

A Very Danish Christmas Kringle combines the traditional almond kringle filling with Wisconsin Montmorency cherries. It's finished off with a subtle crumb topping along with a drizzle of icing and shaved almonds. If this isn't the perfect Christmas breakfast, I don't know what is. One bite and my eyes rolled in the back of my head. If you try nothing else from O&H, try this. 

O&H Bakery Reindeer Tracks Kringle
Rachel Schneider / Cheapism

Reindeer Tracks Kringle

Aside from having the most adorable product description on O&H's website, this kringle is good. I have only been exposed to traditional kringle flavors like pecan and raspberry, but this guy right here hits you with a decadence and richness that would make Rudolph's nose light up. 

The filling is a mix of cream cheese, caramel candy, and toffee. The top of the pastry is slathered with a creamy vanilla frosting and bits of toffee with chocolate shavings. 10 out of 10 agree with O&H's claim that this one should go down in history. 

O&H Bakery Pecan Kringle
Rachel Schneider / Cheapism

Traditional Kringle Flavors

There are a handful of kringle flavors that are available year-round, and they are available that often for a reason. They're the tried-and-true flavors that are capable of standing the test of time. While my personal favorite of the "Everyday Kringle Favorites" bunch is raspberry (followed closely by pecan), here are some other flavors you can try:

  • Apple Kringle
  • Wisconsin Kringle 
  • Cinnamon Roll Kringle
  • Cherry Kringle
  • Cream Cheesecake Kringle
  • Turtle Kringle
  • Almond Kringle
  • Cherry Cheese Kringle
  • Wild Blueberry Kringle
  • Birthday Kringle
  • No Added Salt and Sugar Kringle 

O&H Bakery Almond Coffee Cake
Rachel Schneider / Cheapism

Almond Custard Seven Sisters Coffee Cake

So, we've told you about the kringles, but what about the other stuff? The bakery also offers a variety of different cakes, pastries, and even bread puddings. I tried the Almond Custard Seven Sisters Coffee Cake, and while I remain partial to the kringles, there was nothing to complain about here. The custard is creamy and a nice touch alongside the flakiness of the pastry. Looking through the other coffee cake options at the bakery and having tried this, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to see what some of the others are all about.

O&H Danish Bakery Kringle package
Rachel Schneider / Cheapism

Where Can You Purchase O&H Bakery's Products?

If you are a Trader Joe's regular, you might have seen O&H Danish Bakery's kringles at the grocery store, where the available flavors change seasonally. While you might be able to nab an O&H kringle for $10 at TJ's, you'll find their full selection available on O&H's website, where kringles cost around $25 each. 

The site also touts a two-day shipping option for only $10, which guarantees you fresh, delicious kringle (along with an assortment of other baked goodies) with a quick enough turnaround for last-minute gifting. If you're not a fan of online ordering, you can also order by phone.

Note: A rep for O&H Bakery told Cheapism that to ensure your product arrives in time for Christmas, it is best to place your order by December 20-21.

Christmas seasonal kringles from O&H Danish Bakery
O&H Danish Bakery

Other Seasonal Offerings

You can find a variety of seasonal goodies at O&H, including cakes, hand pies, kringles, croissants, cream puffs, brownies, and more. There are even sets that you can either gift to someone else or give yourself so that you don't have to prepare breakfast on Christmas morning.