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Nothing says, "I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you" like 30-packs of toilet paper and $5 rotisserie chicken, amirite? 

Screw waiting for fields of lavender to be in bloom or hiking miles to find that just-right backdrop for engagement pictures — I mean, seriously have you seen the plants at Costco, or the way the floors glisten in the frozen foods aisles? The place is just begging to be the setting for a romantic photoshoot, and one newly engaged couple made it happen.

Beth Gasser and her fiance headed to Costco with Kansas City-based photographer Booker T. Brown to take some of the most off-the-beaten-path engagement photos we've seen in ... well, maybe ever. Costco shared a snapshot of the photoshoot to their official Instagram account and the photos quickly went viral. 

You know that pose where one person stands behind their significant other, who looks back and up at them lovingly? Way more visually compelling when surrounded by pallets of boxed produce. Want that just-right ring shot? Pick up a giant container of strawberries to accentuate that diamond. Beth stood on the cart's end, beaming at her soon-to-be-hubby pushing her around. Ahh, it brings us back to childhood. We will admit, though, that the shot by the fresh flowers was kind of sweet. 

Someone should book their baby's first birthday photoshoot in the bakery and demolish an entire sheet cake.

At least we know they can cut their wedding costs by shopping at Costco

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