24 Countries With Less National Wealth Than New York City

Countries Poorer Than NYC

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Countries Poorer Than NYC
Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

The Big, Rich Apple

New York City is home to more than 380,000 millionaires—not to mention 65 billionaires, some of whom are reluctant to spend their cash. The richest city in the world, New York's roughly 8.5 million residents combine for $3 trillion in total wealth. Only a handful of the world's 195 countries have more buying power. The Credit Suisse 2019 Research Institute Global Wealth Databook calculated how wealth is distributed among the world's adults. Here's a look at just a few of the nations whose entire populations couldn't buy out the Big Apple.

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Argentina: $311 Billion

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world geographically, but its over 30 million adults combine for just $311 billion in total wealth for an average of $10,256 per adult. Since just a tiny number of super-rich people can pull averages up, however, median wealth is a much better indicator. Argentina's median wealth per adult is $3,164. The average American, by comparison, has $432,365, but that number is dramatically weighted by the rich. The median drops all the way down to $65,904 per American.


Austria: $1.95 Trillion

Austria is not some poor, obscure country. In fact, the median Austrian adult has $94,070 — much more than the American in the financial middle. The European nation's 7.1 million adults share $1.95 trillion — more than six times more than Argentina despite a smaller population — but still more than $1 trillion shy of New York City. Not only is the median Austrian wealthier than the median American, but income inequality is lower. If spread out evenly, the average Austrian would have $274,919.


Bangladesh: $697 Billion

Bangladesh is a poor country — that's the actual classification used by the Credit Suisse report. It's noteworthy, however, for its sheer population size. There are 167.2 million people living in the South Asian nation, compared to a little more than 8.5 million in the Big Apple. The country's just under 104.9 million adults combine for a total wealth of only $697 billion, or just $2,787 for the median Bangladeshi.


Belgium: $2.194 Trillion

Belgium is a rich country, but small. The country's 8.9 million adults hoard a combined $2.194 trillion. That's an average of $246,135 per Belgian adult, and although that's the average, which is less representative of the financial reality, the Belgian in the financial center is still doing far better than the median American. The median resident in the small European nation holds an impressive $117,093.


Chile: $759 Billion

The South American country of Chile is home to 13.3 million adults who share a combined $759 billion. The average Chilean has $56,972, but, as with most nations, that's not representative of the average Chilean's wealth because the country's rich people inflate the average. The median Chilean has only about $19,231.


Denmark: $1.27 Trillion

Tiny Denmark is home to only 4.5 million adults, a little more than half of New York City's total population. It stands to reason, then, that it wouldn't have as much combined wealth — but it's still one of the few countries whose wealth is measured in 13 figures. The country's total wealth is $1.27 trillion, or an average of $284,022 per Dane, but the median figure is $58,784.

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Egypt: $898 Billion

Egypt has about 58.3 million adult residents, approaching seven times the population of New York City. They share, however, just $898 billion — although they don't share it equally. The average Egyptian has $15,395, more than three times greater than the median wealth of $4,900.


Finland: $795 Billion

Finland is close to Denmark in terms of population — just 4.3 million adults call the Nordic nation home—but it's not as wealthy. The country's total wealth is $795 billion. That's an average of $183,124 per Finn for a respectable median wealth of $55,532.


Indonesia: $1.823 Trillion

Indonesia's enormous population of 172.9 million adults have about $1.823 trillion between them. That's more $1 trillion less than New York City despite having 33 times the population. For the people who live there, that's about $10,545 each—if it were spread out equally, which it, of course, is not. The median wealth in the world's most populous Muslim country is $1,977.

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Iran: $775 Billion

The inhabitants of Iran must make do with $775 billion between the 57,686 million adults who live there. That's $13,437 for the average adult, but in reality, the median wealth in Iran is just $5,254.


Iraq: $327 Billion

Iraq has about one-third of the adult population of its neighbor Iran, but more wealth per capita. They share about $327 billion, which comes out to about $16,540 per person. The clearer picture, however, emerges when you look at the median wealth, which in Iraq is $7,331.


Ireland: $951 Billion

On the other end of the spectrum is Ireland, which is home to 3.5 million adults. Between them, however, they command an impressive $951 billion. Despite having far fewer residents than New York City, Ireland has an average of $272,310 per Irish adult, or a hefty median wealth of $104,842.


Israel: $1.08 Trillion

Israel's median wealth of $58,066 is much closer to that found in the United States compared to Ireland. Israel's 5.5 million adults — a relatively minuscule population — shares $1.08 trillion between them. That's $196,568 per Israeli adult when averaging that wealth out equally.


Mexico: $2.7 Trillion

With a national wealth of $2.7 trillion, Mexico is knocking on New York City's door. The 85.594 million adults who live in America's North American neighbor to the south have an average of $31,553 each. The median wealth, however, is closer to $9,944.

New Zealand

New Zealand: $1.1 Trillion

With just 3.5 million adults — about 0.1 percent of the world's adult population — tiny New Zealand is small but wealthy. Its national wealth is listed at almost $1.1 trillion. That math equals $304,124 per person on average. Even the much lower median wealth of $116,437 makes individual New Zealanders among the wealthiest in the world.


Norway: $1.1 Trillion

Norway is small but fairly wealthy, just like several of its Northern European neighbors. Just 4.1 million adults live there, but they share almost $1.1 trillion. That's an average of $267,348 per Norweigan adult. Even the median wealth is a respectable $70,627.

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Pakistan: $465 Billion

Pakistan's total population is more than 23 times that of New York City, but the South Asian nation's almost 113.4 million adults share just $465 billion, despite having 2.2 percent of the world's adult population. That's an average of only $4,098 per Pakistani adult for a median wealth of just $1,766.


Poland: $1.81 Trillion

Poland is the bridge between Eastern and Western Europe, and the country is home to just under 30.6 million adults. They divvy up almost $1.81 trillion between them for an average of $57,873 each. The median wealth in Poland, however, is $22,600.

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Portugal: $1.1 Trillion

Portugal shares the Iberian Peninsula, which is south of France and immediately north of North Africa, with Spain. It's home to almost 8.4 million adults. Between them, they share about $1.1 trillion, which comes out to an average of $131,088 per Portuguese adult. The median wealth there is $44,025.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: $1.556 Trillion

While a select few of oil-rich Saudi Arabia's elite live lives of opulent excess, many of the Islamic kingdom's 23.208 million adults do not. National wealth in the kingdom is $1.556 trillion, or an average of $67,032 per Saudi adult. The reality for most, however, is closer to the median wealth of $16,599.

South Africa

South Africa: $770 Billion

South Africa is home to a little more than 36 million adults, but they share among them only $770 billion. That's an average of just $21,380 per South African adult. The median wealth in the country, however, is a relatively paltry $6,476.


Sweden: $2 Trillion

Sweden is another comparatively wealthy Nordic country, but not as wealthy as some of its neighbors and certainly not as wealthy as New York City. Its 7.7 million adults have a combined wealth of $2 trillion. That's an average of $265,260 per Swede, but income disparity leaves the median wealth at a much lower $41,582.


Thailand: $1.2 Trillion

With a national wealth of $1.2 trillion, Thailand is in the 13-figure club. With almost 53.1 million adults, however, that comes out to an average of just $21,854 per adult. The median wealth in the Southeast Asian country, however, is just $3,726.


Turkey: $1.4 Trillion

One of the most consequential countries in the history of the world, Turkey holds the distinction of straddling Europe and Asia, with part of its territory on both continents. 55.5 million adults live there, and they share $1.4 trillion between them. That's an average of $24,398 per adult Turk, but the median is just $6,568.