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Cheapism staffers Jenn Magid and Lacey Muszynski got their hands on Costco's newest bakery sensation, confetti cookies. Are they worth the hype? Here's what they had to say about it. (Be sure to see what they had to say about Costco's five-pound peanut butter pie.)

First Impressions

Jenn Magid: When I saw the package, my immediate thought was meh. They didn't look particularly unusual or fancy — just cookies. When I went home and opened the package, there wasn't any sort of enticing fresh-baked smell to draw me in.

Lacey Muszynski: Yeah, I first saw people going nuts about them on social media recently, and I love a good funfetti cake. But I wasn't all that impressed once I got to the store and saw them myself. 

JM: My first thought was, why are these going viral?

LM: One thing I did notice, though, was that the sign says "All butter." As a Wisconsinite and baker, I appreciate that.

JM: There was no sign by mine. If I hadn't been looking for these cookies on purpose, I probably would've walked right on by. They didn't stand out to me.

LM: I guess I lucked out with a sign! But there were also two batches at my store with two different sell by dates. One had larger cookies and looked a lot better, but the other ones barely filled up the container. Seems like there may be some consistency problems all around.

Costco Confetti Cookies PlatePhoto credit: Lacey Muszynski / Cheapism

First Bite

JM: Sadly... they tasted to me about how they looked. Just ... fine. I could have been biting into literally any packaged sprinkle cookie that had been sitting on the grocery shelf for a while. They were chewy and sweet and certainly decent, but not particularly special.

LM: Hard agree (once I actually got the infernal package open! Why are they so terrible?). They taste like you'd expect any birthday cake confetti baked good to taste: really heavy on the vanilla and butter. 

JM: I am a terrible baker and I think I could bake something that tastes about like this with a mix. They were chewy but it tasted like artificial mass-brand chewy, not freshly baked. Chewy, buttery, sort of a cupcake flavor — but I might as well have been eating Pepperidge Farm (no offense to Pepperidge Farm).

LM: Yeah I think anyone could make comparable cookies from a mix, for sure. I do like the sprinkles, though, cause I'm a sucker for rainbow stuff. I like how they're large and kind of crunchy, giving the cookie texture. Plus there are bonus white chocolate chips, at least.

JM: So I also gave mine the kid test. My son is really into cookies. His impression was, "They're okay, I guess".  Let's put it this way: nobody felt the desperate need to eat more than one. 

LM: Yeah, that sounds about right. They definitely taste like store-bought cookies.

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Lasting Impressions

LM: Costco's confetti cookies would probably be fine to take to a kid's birthday party, but why not just grab the really good chocolate chip cookies instead? These cookies won't make much of a splash anyway, unlike Costco's giant peanut butter pie.

JM: Honestly, I don't know what the excitement is about, other than just another baked good offering at Costco. I kind of wish they were offering an actual version of a funfetti cake instead. I would not rush to Costco to try these when you can get literally any sprinkle cookie in the grocery store that tastes about the same.

LM: A funfetti cake would be so much better, considering how good their cakes are! Definitely skip these and grab those seasonal mini cakes, or literally any other of Costco's cookies instead.

JM: Yeah, I'm disappointed I dashed around like a lunatic all day only to be rewarded with meh cookies.

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