This Costco Spice Rack Offers Free Refills for 5 Years — But Is It Worth It?

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Update: Costco has discontinued the Orii 20-Jar spice rack with free refills. While the rack itself is still available on Orii's website, there is no mention of the previously offered refills.  

Costco’s ORII spice rack offers an innovative and sustainable solution to disposable jars and packets of seasoning: free refills for five years. After purchasing the 20-jar rack, which retails for $45 on Costco’s website, shoppers can register their product on ORII’s website, granting them access to the free refills. While ORII’s spice rack is surprisingly popular online, many Costco superfans agree that it’s a lousy deal for a few reasons. Here’s why.

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Shipping Costs Are High

As TikTokkers and Redditors have pointed out, the free refills don’t include shipping and handling, which cost around $16 per order, according to one Costco superfans. (Shipping prices are only available to registered customers on ORII’s website).

“I bought this couple of years ago and looked up shipping! Astronomical prices, can get bulk spices for a few dollars at my local Sprouts,” another Redditor wrote.

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Even if you refill the entire 20-jar rack for $16 (it's likely more), individual spices cost just $1 each at Walmart — and as the Redditor said, bulk spices are even cheaper at places like Sprouts and WinCo. The expensive shipping costs, plus the high upfront price of $45, mean that you likely won’t save much money. If you’re still unsure, ask yourself honestly: When was the last time you finished an entire jar of chives?

Spices Are Cheaper Elsewhere

ORII’s spice rack is just too pricey at $45, according to shoppers. Everything from parsley to cumin sells for around $1 at Walmart, meaning that you could build your own spice rack for well under $45. Other cheap places to buy spices that rival ORII’s offerings include Trader Joe’s and Aldi.

You Don’t Get to Choose Your Spices

Perhaps the most obvious reason why shoppers should pass this spice rack up has to do with its selection. Yes, 20 spices is a lot — and with spices like turmeric and chives, ORII’s breadth is admiral — but most home chefs don’t need that much variety. Instead, it would be more sustainable and affordable to buy a select few spices that you’d actually use.

The Bottom Line

Unless you're a prolific home cook who regularly empties their entire spice rack every few months, ORII's free refills product isn't worth it. Instead, just buy a few spices you'll actually use and refill them by shopping at discount retailers like Aldi, WinCo, or Walmart.

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