Signs You May Shop at Costco Too Much

Costco Shoppers browse clothing items

Scott Olson / Staff / Getty Images News

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Costco Shoppers browse clothing items
Scott Olson / Staff / Getty Images News

Addicted to Savings

Do you have a favorite Costco cashier? Write your shopping list out in the order that you encounter items on your path through the store? Salivate when someone says the words "chicken" and "bake" in the same sentence? Then you might shop at Costco too much. 

One Costco superfan on the r/Costco Reddit forum asked users to "tell me you go to Costco too much without saying you go to Costco too much," and the responses are amusing, to say the least. If you relate to any of these popular responses, you are probably a Costco superfan as well.

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Costco cafe pizza
Costco grocery cart
Remote Check Deposit Taking Photo

Big Spender

"The cashier who saw my annual cash back check said 'wow, you must shop here a lot...'"

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Free Birthday Perks

One Big Family

"I’ve been to bday parties and weddings of most of the Costco workers and I don’t even work there."

LG WiFi-Enabled Front Load Washer and Dryer

Squeaky Clean

"We paid less than $10 for our brand-new washer and dryer after our 2% reward at the end of the year."

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Even Your Family Knows

"On Monday, my sister texted to ask me if I would be at Costco this week. I sent her a picture of myself, currently at Costco."

Costco Gas Station

Fill 'er Up

"I plan my gas stops for road trips with Costco locations in mind."

Group of schoolkids with backpacks going to school in the morning

Attached at the Hip

"I once went alone and the cashier asked me where my kids were."

Costco Executive Membership Card

VIP Status

"I don’t have to show my membership card at the door because they already know me and have seen it many many times before."

Costco by Anderson Depp (CC BY-NC)

The Confusion Is Real

"When I walk down the aisles of my local Costco, I know if things have been moved elsewhere. And I don't like it one bit."

What to Buy at Costco This Summer

Checking It Twice

"I have a favorite receipt checker."

Alternately, "I have a least favorite receipt checker."

Costco Business Center parking lot
Liane Starr/Cheapism

Parking Wars

"I have a favorite parking spot and get a tad grouchy when someone is in it."

Costco optical manager
Costco optical manager by yooperann (CC BY-NC-ND)

Now That's Longevity

"When you remember when an employee was a new hire and they just earned their silver badge after working at that Costco for 25 years.

My main Costco has 27 silver badged employees, about a quarter of whom have never worked at any other Costco and half who relocated with the warehouse in 1996."