Costco Superfans Share Products They 'Regret' Passing Up

Costco Wholesale Location. Costco Wholesale is a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Retailer I


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Costco Wholesale Location. Costco Wholesale is a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Retailer I
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Costco Stock

Hindsight is 20/20 when it comes to investing — and Costco stock is no exception. Multiple Redditors regretted not picking up a few shares of COST when it was still in the double digits. Today, shares are trading at around $567, a monumental increase since the company went public in 1985.

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Costco Combo Pizza
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Combo Pizza

If there's one thing Costco superfans seem to agree on, it's that losing the combo pizza was a travesty. "I regret not buying more combo pizzas from the food court before they were discontinued," one Redditor wrote. After the store did away with the food court’s combo pizza, someone even launched a petition to bring it back, arguing that the pizza “ignites a party of tremendous flavor in the mouths of millions of Costco membership holders.”

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Canada Dry Winter Variety Pack BJ's

Canada Dry Holiday Variety Pack

A shopper passed this variety pack up while on a quick run to Costco, and when they returned the next day, the holiday exclusive was sold out. Luckily, this story has a happy ending, as the shopper's sister found the holiday pack at a nearby Costco. They're also in stock at BJ's and Sam's Club.

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32 Degrees Ladies' Joggers

32 Degree Women's Joggers

Apparently 2019 and 2020 were great years for these comfy joggers, which multiple Costco superfans swear by. One Redditor says this year's version can't compare.

Men's Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner

One superfan reports that Costco was selling Rolex's popular diver's watch for around $6,500, which is a steal by today's prices. In the current market, retail prices start around $9,000 for the popular luxury timepiece.

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Costco Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Table

Another member said that they'd likely regret passing over the air hockey table that their 6-year-old has been asking for, adding a sad face to their comment. But perhaps that decision was prudent, as a fellow parent commented that their kids lost interest in the $600 table in just six months.

Faux Olive Tree from Costco

Faux Olive Tree

This fake olive tree from Costco has a bit of a cult following among Redditors. Unfortunately, one member says they missed their opportunity to pick up the bendable faux tree. But we have good news: it's still available on Costco online, where it can be had for $180.

Lifetime Shed from Costco