Chocolate and blueberry muffins baked in-house from Costco.

Chocolate and blueberry muffins baked in-house from Costco. by BrokenSphere (CC BY-SA)

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It's a cross many Costco fans have had to bear — buy a six-pack of muffins (or Danish or bagels) and get another pack for free (whether you want it or not). While this gives you a chance to get a second flavor (Blueberry? Chocolate? Corn?), even one muffin from Costco's bakery is enormous. It's challenging to figure out what to do with 12 before they get stale or worse

Luckily, Redditors and other social media users have ideas of what to do with them (especially since it seems you can't just leave Costco without that second pack of muffins).

While giving away that extra pack of muffins or bagels yourself is always an option, Redditor u/DJDunkzSF suggests bringing the extra pack to work. Redditor u/ZacW94 says that their local Costco allows customers to donate their extra pack to the local food bank.

Others on social media have less charitable — but still useful — suggestions.  A number of posters said they simply wrapped the muffins in plastic wrap and froze them to good results (1 minute in the microwave when you're ready to eat). Redditor w/_banjocat said, "If you have an air fryer, just pop a frozen croissant or two straight in. Don't thaw, don't preheat. Bake setting (325 on mine I think) for about 5 minutes. They come out better than they were when they went into the freezer!" 

On TikTok, there was a grilling hack, a video showing how you can frost two muffins to make a kid's smash cake, and a soaking-your-muffin-in-milk video, but most people suggested freezing. Or made some dumb jokes. That works, too.

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