Costco’s Food Court in the UK Has Cottage Pies, Korean Beef Bakes, and Chicken Fajitas, and We're Incredibly Jealous

Costco UK Food Court


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For millions of Americans, Costco is the undisputed heavyweight champion of wholesale. And it's not just the retailer's great deals that make every bargain hunter's heart flutter — it's also the food court and its super affordable dining options. But as good as the $1.50 hot dogs are (the price has remained the same for decades), can we talk about how the international Costco scene is living it up? Take the United Kingdom, for example.

Costcos in the U.K. have upped their game with food offerings so impressive, they make our humble hot dogs and pizza slices pale in comparison. From cottage pies to chicken fajita wraps and mango smoothies, the menu pictures alone are enough to give us a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out). Sure, we've got giant teddy bears and ungodly tubs of Nutella to comfort us, but a little more culinary diversity wouldn't hurt. 

Come on, Costco U.S. — throw some fish and chips our way? Here are five items from Costco's U.K. menu that have us drooling.

Shepherd's Pie

Aberdeen Angus Cottage Pie

I don't know about you, but pies sound absolutely heavenly to me. I don't care if it's sweet or savory — throw a pie my way, and I will destroy it. "I would literally kill somebody for that cottage pie," writes one Redditor, while another adds, "Drooling over that cottage pie. I would have eaten 8." And while we'd never condone violence, we might just have to agree on this one. 

Döner kebap - Chicken Salad Sandwich Wrap

Chicken Fajita Wraps

"I'd go for the fajita wrap," writes one user, adding, "The chicken bake in the US grosses me out. It is super rich, terrible for you, and doesn't taste that great to me. It is like fatty sauce oozes out with every bite." And while results were mixed for those who have tried the wraps in the U.K, the sad Americans in the chat still wish they could at least give it a shot. "I'm disappointed we don't have the fajita wrap in the States," says one Redditor. 

Chili With Beans

Jacket Potatoes

This one's a bit of a doozy, but let me tell you — I would still crush. "Never tried the hot dog in England. My usual go-tos are the cottage pie and Jacket Potatoes (half chili and coleslaw)," writes one user. Others, however, weren't so enamored, pointing out that the combination of tuna and potatoes is not their cup of tea (British pun intended). "That jacket potato is giving me so much anxiety. Who in the world mixes chili and baked beans with TUNA?!" says one Redditor. 

Chicken Bake
Chicken Bake by Vincent Diamante (CC BY-NC)

Chicken Bake With Bacon

While some Costco locations in the U.S. offer chicken bakes, not all of them do. "We don’t even get the chicken bake in my store," writes one user, adding, "I’d love to try it." Indeed, the consensus on the chicken bake seemed largely favorable, according to most users. "Chicken bake rules all," says one Redditor.

korean bbq
Ktown Market/Yelp

Korean BBQ Beef Bake

While this one didn't show up in the Reddit thread's menu picture, a number of users said it's a regular at their local Costco, and it sounds delicious. "I was in the Manchester [store] and they have a different offering," writes one user, pointing out that their store had "gelato, a double chicken fillet sandwich, a Korean BBQ beef bake, and a mango smoothie." Another Redditor said, "We have the Korean beef bake as well as the chicken bake, but no fajita wraps."

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