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If you thought you were thrilled about the return of chopped onions to Costco's food court a couple week ago, wait until you hear this: The chicken caesar salad is back.

Signs for the beloved salad, which was axed from food court menus during the pandemic, were spotted over the weekend in Pittsburgh and posted on Reddit's r/Costco forum. Reactions to the resurrection are mostly cheerful, especially since the salad is one of the few healthy options in a food court known for pizza slices and $1.50 hot dog combos.

"This is actually great news!" said u/SouthernVices. "I've been dying for something new in the food court!"

"Between this and getting onions back," said u/poloace, "it’s like Xmas time in summer."

But lots of Costco fans noticed the elephant in the room: the price. "Hard pass with the price increase," said u/CarlFriedrichGauss. "From $3.99 to $6.99. Really?" Sure enough, the salad used to be only $4, but the new signs price it at $7. It's a pretty steep increase, and fans aren't happy about it.

"6.99?!?! I was getting really disappointed with the salads before they took them off the menu," complained u/AnteaterIdealisk. "Always slimy, old lettuce."

"I only got this before because it was $4..." said u/Mammoth_Apartment_70.

Some are doing food court math, and finding that the salad doesn't really add up to a great deal compared to the menu's other options. "In theory I am excited about the prospect of increased variety," said u/at3ralus65. "But in reality I’m just like I can get three slices [of pizza] for that and have a dollar left over.'"

A few Redditors are quick to remind the people complaining that they're paying for convenience, and comparing the price of food court items — essentially restaurant food — to the rest of the grocery items at Costco isn't really fair. "Lettuce, vegetables in general, are actually really expensive in a restaurant setting" because they go bad quickly, explained u/CappinPeanut. "So, if they don’t want to run out, they have to over order, which means you are paying for more than just the lettuce in your salad, you’re paying for the lettuce they had to throw away, too."

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Even with the price increase, the fact that Costco seems to be on a food court item resurrection spree is plenty reason to celebrate — and campaign for what you hope is next. "First onions. Now salad," said u/helenofsoy_. "Asking the question everyone's thinking: when will we see supreme pizza again?!"

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