Costco Steak Hack

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Don't sleep on Costco's meat department guys. If hitting up a meat market or buying meat from a local farmer isn't in your budget, there are some great ways to bonus up at Costco instead. 

screenshot of a tiktok video for costco steak hackPhoto credit: TikTok / kitkatgao

In a recent video, TikToker Katrina Gao shares her clever Costco hack, which starts with a huge cut of sirloin steak that she purchased from Costco for under $40. 

While the steak is labeled as a top sirloin cap, commenters were quick to point out that the meat looks to be picanha, a beef cut from the rump area, which is one of the most popular cuts of meat in South America.

screenshot of tiktok video showing costco steak hackPhoto credit: TikTok / kitkatgao

Katrina says she likes to slice the giant slab of meat into smaller steaks, which makes the perfect star of their backyard barbecues.

Some commenters argued that Katrina should've just cooked the entire cut of meat and sliced it afterward, but the jury remains out on the best ways to prepare the beef cut

screenshot of tiktok video showing costco steak hackPhoto credit: kitkatgao/TikTok

She also likes to throw a marinade in with the sliced steaks to infuse them with flavor before grilling them. You could even freeze them this way to use them at a later time if you aren't hosting a big get-together. 

In the end, bonusing up on a $35 slab of meat to serve steak at your next dinner party is actually one of the cheapest routes to take, and because it's a steak dinner, no one would ever suspect. Brilliance. 

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