15 Ways the Coronavirus Has Changed Americans' Daily Lives

North Dakota

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North Dakota
Phynart Studio/istockphoto

Coronavirus Life Changes

The coronavirus pandemic has altered Americans' lives in ways big and small. And while in many cases the full extent of those changes depends where you live and what you do for work, daily life certainly has a new rhythm and feel for many. A Statista survey conducted April 21-27 reveals that staying at home more (82% of us are) is hardly the only way daily life has shifted as part of the new normal.

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Hand Washing Is the Best Preventive Method

Avoiding Bars and Restaurants

Remember what it was like to meet a friend for happy hour after work or brunch on a Sunday afternoon? Practically seems like another lifetime. About 69% of survey respondents say they now avoid public places such as bars and restaurants.

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Traveling Less

The travel industry has been among the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. In a recent report the World Travel & Tourism Council estimated that more than 100 million travel industry jobs would be lost as a result of the coronavirus. So it's no surprise that 60% of survey respondents say they're traveling less these days.

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Canceling Plans With Family or Friends

Americans are taking a rain check, with 60% of respondents saying they've canceled plans on friends or family.

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Wearing Protective Masks

More than a few states have mandated that protective masks be worn when venturing outside the home. It may not be fun, but it has become part of the new normal, and 60% of survey respondents say they wear protective masks outside.

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Grocery Shopping

Avoiding Certain Shopping Times

Some hours are set aside for seniors; other times it just takes too long to get into stores allowing fewer people inside. So 42% of respondents say they're avoiding certain shopping times as part of their new routine.

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Avoiding Public Transportation

The crowding and schedule woes of public transportation can be challenging in the best of circumstances, but add health concerns and it's no surprise 38% of respondents say they're forgoing it.

34. Cash Is King

Using Less Cash

What do you need cash for if you're home watching Netflix? Retailers and restaurants also don't prefer it, because it requires trips to the bank and, if it's carrying the coronavirus, possibly to the emergency room. Cash is being used less day-to-day by 36% of survey respondents.

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Exercising Less

With gyms, health clubs, yoga studios, and YMCAs around the country largely closed, it's more challenging for Americans to find ways to squeeze in an exercise session, and 18% of respondents say they've reduced their exercise regime.

You Can Party However You Want

Not at All

No matter your beliefs about how the coronavirus pandemic should be handled, very few people think doing nothing at all is an option — at least based on the Statista survey, which finds a mere 3% of respondents saying they've made no changes at all to their lives.