Best Cheap Coffee Grinders

9 Best Low-Cost Coffee Grinders: Choose Blade or Burr

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Best Cheap Coffee Grinders


One reason we drink coffee, aside from the possible caffeine jolt, is for the flavor. Coffee aficionados know that flavor is both heightened and fresher when grinding whole beans right before brewing. It's possible to hit that sweet spot with just a small investment. sifted through expert and user reviews to find the best budget-priced coffee grinders under $30. While all of our inexpensive top picks are blade grinders, we've also found a few entry-level burr grinders topping out at $50 that will appeal to coffee lovers looking for a finer product and finer ground without having to pay a premium.

Mr. Coffee IDS57/55
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Good Blade Grinder Under $20
Price: $15 | Buy it from


- Straightforward and user-friendly.
- Works quickly, produces consistent grinds; best suited for drip coffee.
- Most effective when grinding chamber is full.
- Good job on seeds and spices.


- Users say static cling on plastic lid can make emptying grinds a mess.
- Hard to clean.

Takeaway: The Mr. Coffee IDS57/55 (black/white) blade grinder is a simple machine with a high quality-to-price ratio. Some users choose it for the iconic brand name, some laud its lifespan, and many praise its convenience.

Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central
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Good Blade Grinder Under $30
Price: $26 | Buy it on Amazon


- Grinds to consistent and desirable coarseness.
- Attractive square shape; brushed chrome housing.
- Dishwasher-safe grinding bowl/blade.
- Stainless steel bowl features measurement marks and lid for storage.
- User friendly.


- Some users report difficulty getting grinds out of bowl.
- Reports of blades wearing down quickly.

Takeaway: Although the Cuisinart DCG-12BC Grind Central has received mixed user reviews over the years, a majority of owners commend its performance, with some saying it's the best blade grinder ever. There are even reports of it being used for tapenade, pesto, and pastes made from spices.

Krups F2034251
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KRUPS F2034251

Best Blade Grinder Under $20
Price: $14 | Buy it from Walmart


- Reliable, durable, and long lasting.
- Easy to use, easy to clean.
- Powerful 200-watt motor; quick and efficient.
- Grinds coffee to even consistency; suits pour-over, automatic drip, and French press.
- Small footprint, tight-fitting lid.


- Lid can be difficult to remove after grinding, according to reviews.
- Said to be less effective when grinding spices.

Takeaway: Users appreciate the low price point, ease, simplicity, and solid performance of the Krups F2034251 grinder. Many longtime owners come back for more when a well-worn unit finally gives out.

Bodum Bistro 11160
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Best Blade Grinder Under $30 for Design-Conscious Coffee Drinkers
Price: $21 | Buy it on Amazon


- Several color choices; outer casing easy to grip.
- Cord storage in base.
- Fast; gets to fine grind quickly.
- Suitable for small amounts of coffee.


- Poor seal between lid and body, so some grinds may escape.
- Grinds may cling to plastic lid.
- Push-button start mechanism seems flimsy to some users.

Takeaway: A coffee grinder that's attractive enough to leave on the counter, the Bodum Bistro 11160 delivers what users want: a grind to their specification, whether fine or coarse. Small but powerful is its calling card.

KitchenAid BCG111
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Best Blade Grinder Under $30 Overall
Price: $25 | Buy it from Home Depot


- Removable and dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowl with marks for measurement.
- Slightly larger bowl (4 oz.) than most.
- Easy to use, easy to clean.
- Reasonably consistent grind.
- Choice of colors.


- Grind may not be fine enough for espresso.
- Less effective when grinding spices, according to users; grindings may fly out of bowl into plastic lid.
- Very fine grindings may collect between lid and housing.

Takeaway: Pouring grinds into a coffee filter, not to mention cleanup, is easy with the KitchenAid BCG111's signature feature: a removable stainless steel grinding bowl. Some users say the look is a bit clunky, but the overall package (including performance) wins over the vast majority. There are experts who say this blade grinder works better than some costlier burr grinders.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23-RB
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Good Entry-Level Burr Grinder
Price: $31 | Buy it on Amazon


- 18 grind settings, easy to adjust.
- Large capacity, holds 8 ounces of beans.
- Removable bean hopper and grinding chamber.
- Consistent grind size; best suited for medium.
- Users can select number of cups for automatic shut-off.
- Cord storage under base; comes with scoop and mini brush.
- Large capacity, 8-ounce bean hopper.


- Oilier beans can get stuck in the grinding chamber and chute.
- Grinds fly around when cup is removed, according to some users.
- Some reports of limited durability.

Takeaway: The Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23-RB is adept at grinding beans for drip coffeemakers, users say. It gives value for the money with features like the auto-cup select and removable grinding chamber. A starter burr grinder, it may not be the best choice for espresso drinkers.

Cuisinart Supreme Grind DBM-8
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Good Burr Grinder Under $50
Price: $42 | Buy it on Amazon


- A good step up from a blade grinder.
- Large capacity, holds 8 ounces of beans.
- Removable bean hopper and grinding chamber.
- 18 grind settings; can select number of cups for automatic shut-off.
- Has cord storage; comes with scoop, cleaning brush.
- Stainless steel housing.


- Less effective for French-press and espresso grinds.
- Users report fine-grind residue, and a lot of static, in the chamber.
- Some reports of limited durability.

Takeaway: The Cuisinart Supreme Grind DBM-8 is a popular low-priced burr coffee grinder. For the money, owners say, this easy-to-clean burr model is hard to beat if you use an automatic-drip coffeemaker.

Krups GX500050
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KRUPS GX500050

Best Burr Grinder Under $50
Price: $35 | Buy it from Walmart


- Nine primary grind levels, each with intermediate steps.
- Removable bean hopper (7 oz.) and grinding chamber.
- Removable top burr for easy cleaning; comes with brush.
- Users can select number of cups for automatic shut-off.
- Very good for medium and coarse grinds.
- Effective with nuts and seeds.
- Two-year limited warranty.


- Some say grind settings not well calibrated, with little difference between them.
- Some grousing from owners about longevity.

Takeaway: A good low-cost entry into the world of higher-end burr grinders, the Krups GX500050 is easy to use and a solid buy for those eager to step up from blade grinders and looking for a reasonably priced model from a well-respected brand. Usually, it just skirts $50, so we definitely perked up to find it selling for less.

Hario Skerton Ceramic MSCS-2TB
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Best Hand-Crank Burr Grinder Under $50
Price: $38 | Buy it from Staples


- Ceramic conical burrs produce consistently even grinds for most grind sizes.
- Easily portable.
- Well-designed grinding/turning mechanism.
- Good build quality; glass grind chamber eliminates static.


- Manual operation less user-friendly than electric coffee grinders.
- Lots of effort required for larger quantities of coffee.
- Mechanism requires manual adjustment to change grind size; may take some effort to lock in on the preferred consistency.
- Less effective for coarse French-press grind.

Takeaway: Frugal aficionados consider the Hario Skerton Ceramic MSCS-2TB the ultimate hand grinder. The grind is slow and beans don't overheat. Plus, ceramic conical burrs beat the metal disk burrs found on budget burr grinders. With no electrical parts to worry about, it should last a good long time.