Companies With Outstanding Customer Service

Apple Computers Store with iPhone Xs and Xs Max


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Apple Computers Store with iPhone Xs and Xs Max

The Customer Is Always Right

After the initial blow from the COVID-19 pandemic did its damage to small businesses and international companies alike, many businesses have struggled to find workers at all, let alone reliable ones. Between staffing shortages, supply chain issues, and struggles to meet demand for goods and services, many businesses have been left with tarnished reputations. But there are some that didn't falter, and stuck to their tried and true policies to deliver exceptional service to every customer. Here are some of the most noteworthy.

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Disney Logo On Shop Window


Disney's reputation for good customer service is so well known that it teaches a course on it at the Disney Institute. The company's customer service guidelines are carefully designed to focus on identifying customer needs, anticipating what customers want, acknowledging the stereotypes consumers have about the company, and empathizing with customers' emotions. Disney also has the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" inspired customer service guidelines

  1. Be Happy – make eye contact and smile.

  2. Be like Sneezy – greet and welcome every customer. Spread the spirit of hospitality. It's contagious!

  3. Don't be Bashful – seek out guest contact.

  4. Be like Doc – provide immediate service recovery.

  5. Don't be Grumpy – display appropriate body language at all times.

  6. Be like Sleepy – create dreams and preserve the magical guest experience.

  7. Don't be Dopey – thank every Guest!

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Four Seasons logo on their main hotel in Prague. Four Seasons  is a Canadian brand, owner and franchise of luxury hotels.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons is one of the best known luxury hotels, but it's not just famous because of its lavish offerings. The hotel chain has top-tier customer service, based on a desire to provide guests with exceptional service. In addition to managing elite hotels, the hospitality company's ethics are deeply rooted in providing personalized service to each guest — which has earned it 5-star hotel status.

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Exterior view of one Publix Super Markets.


Grocery store chain Publix is not only well known for taking care of its employees and the community, it is also praised for superb customer service. Publix ranks No. 1 in the supermarket category on Newsweek's 2022 America's Best Customer Service list. One shopper detailed a few exemplary examples of the store's customer service, detailing one incident where multiple shoppers stood outside under the store's overhang with their groceries, waiting for a rainstorm to pass. A Publix employee came out and brought the customers umbrellas to walk to their cars, leaving their carts in his care. When they drove back up, they handed him the umbrella back, and he loaded their groceries for them, suggesting Publix employees know how to go the extra mile.

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Nordstrom retail store


If you're a Nordstrom shopper, you might have heard the "a guy walks into a Nordstrom" story that perfectly explains the retailer's customer service persona. Back in 1975, a man drove to what he thought was a tire store to return a couple of defective tires. Though the misunderstanding was his own, the department store still accepted his tires and refunded the purchase price — for a product it didn't even sell. To this day, the retailer is still known for outstanding customer service, ranking first in the department store category on Newsweek's 2022 America's Best Customer Service list.



Between free shipping offers, price guarantees, and automatic refunds, Amazon is renowned for its incredible customer service. Ordering, reordering, and returning are simple tasks, and if you have an issue that requires speaking with a customer service representative, they are quickly available via phone, email, or chat options.

Apple Store in New York City


When Steve Jobs started Apple, he set the standard for quality customer service and that still rings true today. The tech giant offers a personalized support portal that allows customers to view all of their Apple products and receive support linked to each device. Customers seeking support will also find the company's service team is responsive, helpful, and pleasant.

Viking Star cruise ship in the port of Dubrovnik in Croatia

Viking Cruises

As travel continues ramping back up after nearly two years of widespread restrictions, cruise lines are seeing a surge in business. Though some have struggled to regain their footing, Viking Cruises is handling customer service better than all of its competitors. Newsweek's 2022 America's Best Customer Service list gives the top spot in the cruise line category to Viking Cruises.

The US Bank Building, formerly Wells Fargo Plaza, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
The US Bank Building, formerly Wells Fargo Plaza, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. by Ricardo630 (CC BY-SA)

U.S. Bank

The U.S. has no shortage of large banks, but that doesn't mean they're a dime a dozen. Sure, they might provide comparable products and competitive rates, but when looking for the right bank, many customers are just searching for which one can provide the best customer service. According to WalletHub, U.S. Bank rates 4 out of 5 stars, with one customer review saying, "US Bank is and has been the very best bank that I have ever banked with and treats me with the utmost courtesy along with professionalism above and beyond my every expectation."

USAA mobile cat response team
USAA mobile cat response team by Lars Plougmann (CC BY-SA)


Newsweek's 2022 America's Best Customer Service list gives the No. 1 spot in the car insurance category to USAA — an insurance company that provides benefits specifically for military members and their families. MarketWatch gave the company a 9.5 out of 10 rating, noting the company's exceptional customer service and low rates.

Park Hyatt Hotel, Century City
Park Hyatt Hotel, Century City by John Barreiros (CC BY-SA)

Park Hyatt

Park Hyatt hotels have been associated with excellent customer service for years. The company even ranks No. 1 in the luxury hotel category on Newsweek's 2022 America's Best Customer Service list. From the concierges who greet you in the lobby to the staff at the front desk, eager to make every customer experience a remarkable one, the hotel has earned every bit of its 5-star reputation.

Starbucks Coffee sign


As far as coffee shop chains go, Starbucks is unmatched in terms of customer service. Notably, even if your barista prepares your drink of choice exactly the way you ordered it, it will be remade if your pick-me-up doesn't settle on your taste buds the way you thought it would. But that's only part of what drives Starbucks' unwavering, loyal customer base. It also offers a rewards program that includes complimentary beverages, free add-ons after racking up a certain amount of points, and more.

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