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The money-saving Starbucks Refreshers hack won't be so cheap going forward. The coffee chain said it will begin charging an extra $1 for customers who ask for Refreshers to be made without water. So, don't say no to ice unless you're prepared to pay.

This shouldn't come as a huge shock, as Starbucks already charges for other tweaks, like adding an espresso shot or additional pumps of syrup. 

Some customers chose the no-ice hack to turn one venti-sized refresher into multiple drinks, even ordering cups of ice at the Starbucks to put their plans into action. Given that a grande Refresher is just under $5 in most locations, penny pinching is to be expected.

If you're still looking for cheaper Starbucks drinks, there is a hack that isn't as glamorous but is totally legitimate. The Pink Drink and Paradise Drink as well as other Refreshers flavors are sold under the Starbucks brand in grocery stores for about $3.67 per 14-ounce bottle (or less at Target), and you can add (or skip) ice as you prefer. 

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