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From Pepsi Nitro to Heineken's digital beer (yes, really), beverages seem to be stepping into the future. Now it's Coke's turn for another eyebrow-raiser. 

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On the heels of its well-received Coca-Cola Starlight, Coke is releasing another limited-time drink that's from a different universe —actually, the metaverse. And if you thought Coke Starlight was weird — it's supposed to taste like space — Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte may be an even bigger stumper, because it's supposed to taste like pixels. 

The drink is the second rolled out by the company's new innovation division, Coca-Cola Creations, and it existed online before its real-life debut. Zero Sugar Byte first "appeared" in late March on an island dubbed Pixel Point in Fortnite, a wildly popular multi-player video game. Coke hopes Zero Sugar Byte appeals to gamers in the real world, too, and will let buyers play an augmented reality game by scanning the pixelated label with their phones after purchase. 

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U.S. customers can purchase the soda online starting May 2 while supplies last. The flavor is available exclusively in a two-pack that costs about $15 with shipping.

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