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Oily canned tuna, black coffee, and a roll of toilet paper don’t sound like the most appetizing combo — and yet a video combining all three is captivating the internet. Admittedly, however, viewers’ excitement has less to do with flavor and more to do with the tuna’s combustibility.

The video, which appears to be originally from TikTok, shows a camper place two pieces of toilet paper onto an open can of tuna before lighting it on fire. Thanks to the oil and added tinder, the fish-fueled flame burns hot enough that the person can use it to boil a cup of water. After brewing some coffee with said water, they enjoy it alongside the (now lightly smoked) tuna.

“I have my doubts on the tuna's taste afterwards, but if it is edible, that's honestly ingenious,” one Redditor commented in response to the video.

While the clip went viral last week on r/StupidFood and r/FoodHacks, the inventive campfire trick has been circulating on the internet for a while.

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The MacGyver-esque idea should be particularly appealing to lightweight campers, as it reduces (or eliminates) the amount of butane you have to haul along with your camp stove.

If you want to try firing up this tuna burner, follow these steps:

  • Get a can of oily tuna, a couple of pieces of toilet paper, and a match or lighter.

  • Open the can of tuna and gently place two to three pieces of toilet paper over the top. The paper should soak up some oil.

  • With the can in a fire-safe area, light the edges of the toilet paper.

  • You can wait for the fire to burn out or put out the flames when you’re finished.

  • Remove the toilet paper and enjoy some hot, smoky canned tuna.

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