Boozy Christmas Punch Recipes to Lean on This Season

Grapefruit Punch


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Grapefruit Punch

Punch Drunk Holidays

If you're hosting people this season — or even just attending a few potlucks — you might be in the market for some spirited (see what we did there) beverages. So to help you out, we compiled 11 Christmas punch recipes, ranging from creamy milk punches to citrus-inspired cocktails. Cheers!

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bourbon milk punch
bourbon milk punch by Jason Toney (CC BY-NC-SA)
Christmas Emerald Green Cocktail
christmas punch
christmas punch by Ross Dunn (CC BY-SA)

Jingle Juice

Incorporating vodka, red moscato, and Prosecco, this punch is full of minty, cranberry flavors. Two servings should have you on the floor in no time.

Recipe: Delish

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Top view of a glass of mulled wine

Cheerwine Holiday Punch

Cheerwine is used in lots of different cocktails ranging from slushies to hot drinks, but this holiday punch recipe is perfect for the sweet, Southern soda. Bourbon and Cheerwine are a natural pairing.

Recipe: The Uncorked Librarian

christmas mimosa
Timur Weber / Pexels


Christmas mimosas, served punch-style with cranberries, apples, pomegranate seeds, and an entire bottle of sparkling wine? That's a gorgeous Christmas brunch move.

Recipe: The FFeed Food

milk punch
milk punch by Reesem Lloyd (CC BY-NC-SA)

Triple B Milk Punch

Those three Bs? They're for bourbon, brandy, and buttermilk. This Southern Living recipe looks like a warm treat, and one that might be perfect for after dinner.

Recipe: Southern Living

Timur Weber / Pexels

Peachy Pimm's & Ginger Beer Punch

There's nothing like a good Pimm's Cup. Even though the peachy, ginger-laden flavors here are fitting for summer, this punch is also a perfect drink to sip on by the fireplace.


Southern Bourbon Punch
Southern Bourbon Punch by Shawn Lea (CC BY-SA)

Spiced Orange Bourbon Punch

You'll often find bourbon punches for the winter paired with apples and cinnamon, so why not flip it a bit? A base of fresh orange really breathes some nice life into a bourbon-based punch like this.

Recipe: Southern Living

apple cider with orange and cranberries
apple cider with orange and cranberries by Marco Verch Professional Photographer (CC BY)

Caramel Apple Cider Vodka Punch

So you're a vodka drinker. While there aren't as many clear liquor-based holiday cocktail recipes as there might be for bourbon and whiskey, this caramel apple cider vodka punch from Spoonabilities should do the trick.

Recipe: Spoonabilities

Red Sangria
©TCF Co.

Holiday Cranberry Sangria

Maybe making something holiday-themed just means making it extra boozy. Take a look at this sangria recipe, which calls for red wine, Grand Marnier, and brandy.

Recipe: Joyful Healthy Eats

Sweet Homemade Butterscotch Butter Beer

Boozy Butterbeer Punch

This is a punch list. Watch My Recipe is calling this punch. So, we see no reason not to include everybody's favorite Wizarding World beverage. Accio vanilla vodka!

Recipe: Watch My Recipe