6 Christmas Foods That People Secretly Hate



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Christmas fruitcake

More Naughty Than Nice

The holidays are the time of the year when folks can come together, and catch up on all the wild, pleasant, not-so-pleasant, and everything else in-between moments of their lives since they last saw each other. Memories are rehashed, nostalgia is out in full force, and the homemade meals are served in large portions with reckless abandon. The last thing you want to do is show up to a Christmas dinner, carrying just the kind of dish that tends to wipe many appetites clean and empty. 

So, we went ahead and rounded up the particular holiday dishes that many people seem to secretly hate. 

Healthy Homemade Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole

1. Green Bean Casserole

While there are plenty of truly tasty casserole options out there, and casseroles in general are a great way to cut down on the ever rising cost of living (due to being able to throw all kinds of leftover food into one), the green bean casserole just isn't getting it done for a whole lot of folks. It could be its outward aesthetic or maybe the general consistency that results from stuffing a casserole with green beans. 

Marzipan and almonds

2. Marzipan

And this one is sure to rock the boat. Marzipan can be a polarizing dessert, to say the least. Quite, quite nutty in flavor, it can end up being too aggressively sweet for some people out there. Oddly enough, sometimes marzipan can even end up with a bitter aftertaste. 

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3. Panettone Bread

There are an undeniably high number of delicious culinary contributions from Italians, such as gelato, cannoli, mozzarella, but the music stops for many when you mention Panettone Bread. The general consistency is reminiscent of a crusty/dried out sponge, and you’ve got to have something ready to wash it down if you plan on “enjoying” yourself.

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Traditional herring under boiled vegetables

4. Jello Molds/Salads

When I think of a Jello mold and/or salad my mind reaches back to the first time I saw National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. A true holiday staple of a film in many households for presenting such a diabolical, hilarious emotional rollercoaster of a Christmastime film. If you remember the scene with the jello cake, I need not say more. 

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Traditional Irish Barmbrack Tea Cake

5. Fruitcake

It’s a wonder in its own right that the fruitcake is still making the rounds like it is. Seriously, kudos to the fruitcakes out there. There must be a decent sector of society that has ruled the fruitcake as being the elite pick of the dessert options. Much like the earlier mentioned Panettone Bread, fruitcake can really take the wind out of your sails due to its overall dryness when you try to eat it. 

Maybe try a bundt cake instead?

Eggnog at Christmas Time

6. Eggnog

Okay, while eggnog obviously isn't a food item, it is a common beverage and even flavor that runs rampant when the holiday season is in full bloom. Eggnog is one of those holiday drinks that people either absolutely love, and will chug with gleeful reckless abandon, or you'll see someone's face turn a faint shade of green when you break it out for a post-dinner refreshment.