Chipotle Mystery Box


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Chipotle is selling mystery boxes, and it's a gamble whether you'll end up with something worthwhile — or something that makes you cringe. 

Starting Dec. 1 at noon ET, you can buy a mystery box from the burrito chain's online merch store. The boxes come in two sizes: small for $30 or large for $50. The small box includes three to five items with a total value of $60, while the large one has four to eight items valued at $100. So, if you're talking purely value, you're going to get double what you paid.

But we all know that value is subjective, especially when it comes to the Chipotle-branded stuff you're likely going to get in these boxes. Chipotle says the items are unsized and clothing isn't included, so no avocado onesies or pepper jean jackets are featured.

We also know that the real impetus for buying one of these mystery boxes is the sweepstakes that goes with them. Ten lucky mystery box buyers who purchase their boxes over the 48 hours the contest lasts also receive a $500 Chipotle gift card. How many contestants you're up against to win a gift card depends on how many entrants buy the mystery boxes, and you better believe it'll be more than nine others. 

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If your box doesn't arrive with a gift card in it, you might be one of the lucky(?) ones who instead gets a bar of cilantro-scented soap. If you like cilantro, well great — you have nice-smelling soap. If you think cilantro smells like soap, then you just have a bar of soap-scented soap. So, it's a win-win any way you look at it. If nothing else, whatever you get in your mystery box makes a great white elephant gift at the office.

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