Trader Joe's Cheddar Jalapeno Pull-Apart Bread


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Trader Joe's seemingly has some new item almost every time I walk through the door, whether it's a cute planter full of succulents, a weird fruit, or a new dessert that's hard to resist. I can't say I'm one of the people who rushes to social media to gush about these things, mainly because I don't find that many of the new items live up to the hype. I'm always surprised what people go gaga for, but I have to admit — I was pretty excited about the Cheddar Jalapeño Pull-Apart Bread.

What is Cheddar Jalapeño Pull-Apart Bread?

I had to admit, it looked good in the package. With just 160 calories per serving — the package has about six servings —the bread needs just 10 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees. At the end of its baking time, you ostensibly have some warm, cheesy, spicy bread on your plate. 


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Is Cheddar Jalapeño Pull-Apart Bread Good?

Look, it's not bad, but is it something I have to get? Not really. The cheddar flavor is so faint as to be almost entirely absent. Fortunately, there's a little more jalapeño kick, but it's not spectacular. 

Where the pull-apart bread succeeds is in its soft, pliable texture. The texture also reminded me of a Pillsbury crescent roll, which may lack jalapeño and cheese but is considerably cheaper. 

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How Much Does Cheddar Jalapeño Pull-Apart Bread Cost?

The price at my local Trader Joe's was $4.99 for those six servings. At my local Ralph's grocery store, I could get Pillsbury crescent rolls for $3.99, eight to a tube. I could add my own cheese and jalapeños and still save money — and possibly make something tastier.

Is Cheddar Jalapeño Pull-Apart Bread Worth It?

Look, it's not terrible. But if I was trying to stick to a budget, it's definitely something I would leave off my list. And even if it was a good deal, I'm not sure I'd buy it anyway. The missing cheddar and so-so jalapeño were just a disappointment. If I'm going to get bread, I'll go to a bakery instead of making something that's only meh. 

So, yeah, don't buy the hype on this one.

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