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Amid all the bah humbugesque news regarding the supply chain, shipping delays, and so on, Cheapism has you covered when it comes to finding the perfect gift. With more than 200 gift guides for the 2022 holiday season, we've got ideas for just about everyone on your list. Keep scrolling to start shopping.

Find the Best Gift for Her
2021 Women Who Love the Beach_cover

Whether she's your mom, your girlfriend, your sister, or a friend, we've got tons of gift guides devoted to the ladies in your life. From women who love the outdoors to women who are all about taking care of themselves, here are some of our top gift guides for her. 

Editor's Pick: Oak & Luna Necklace
Oak Luna NecklacePhoto credit: Oak & Luna

$80 and up 

This bestseller from Oak & Luna is one of our favorite personalized gifts. It features a stylish and chic script and will hold up a lot longer than less expensive versions. It's available in seven different finishes, from sterling silver to 10-karat gold, and five different chain lengths.

Find the Best Gift for Him
2021 Men Who Travel Gifts_cover

We've got loads of ideas for the guys in your life, too. Is he into tech? We've got guides for that. Does he travel a lot or spend much of his time outdoors? Check and check. Find fantastic gift inspiration for all the men on your list this year below. 

Editor's Pick: DIY Hot Sauce Kit
Hot Sauce Kit GiftPhoto credit: Uncommon Goods

A lot of dudes like spice, and this hot sauce kit from one of our favorite gift retailers, Uncommon Goods, might just be the perfect gift for someone on your list this year. Not sure this is quite right? Check out our Best Hot Sauce Gift Sets for 2022 for even more spicy ideas.

Interest-Based Gift Guides
Gifts for Plant Lovers_hero

Sometimes, hobbies and interests inform gift-giving — and gift-searching. Cheapism has tons of gift guides for those people on your list who have a passion that drives them, including the woman who collects plants, the guy who just can't learn enough about beer, and pretty much everyone in between. Below is a collection of some of our most popular interest-based gift guides.

Editor's Pick: Dogs Dish Towel
Dogs Dish Towel_Editor's PickPhoto credit: Always Fits

This pick comes from our Gifts for Dog-Obsessed Humans gift guide and from retailer Always Fits, a fun and unique online destination for gift ideas. Looking for something for a cat person? Check out The Best Gifts for Cat Lovers That Are the You-Know-Who's Pajamas.

Other Gifts We Love
2021 Candle Gifts_cover

With more than 200 gift guides, we couldn't feature them all here. But below are a few more of our most popular guides to help you find the perfect present to put under the tree for a loved one this year. 

Check out more of Cheapism's 2022 holiday coverage below for other ideas that might help make this season just a little more festive and fun. 

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