The Cheapest Gas Prices in Every State - Cash Price for Regular

Cheapest Gas Prices in Every State


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Cheapest Gas Prices in Every State

Running on Fumes

Gas prices have been trending down for a few weeks and are predicted to continue for a few more, albeit at a slower rate now that the Trump administration has made the Mexico tariffs deal. Still, 2019's gas prices are slightly higher than experts initially estimated, which has left drivers hunting for deals. AAA put the average price of a gallon of gasoline at $2.795 in early June — more than what the folks at gas price app GasBuddy predicted early in 2019, when they thought prices might average $2.70 per gallon. What drivers pay, however, varies a lot based on where they're driving.

Broken into five fuel districts, the U.S. sees much of its gas produced and refined along the Gulf Coast and shipped to other regions. However, in recent years, oil production in Canada and in North Dakota's Bakken Shale has given the Midwest some modest supply of its own and pushed down gas prices there. Finally, gas formulas and regional and state gas taxes have a significant impact on pricing. With the help of data from GasBuddy, we took a look at gas prices around the U.S. and found the best deals. Unless you want to change the way you drive or care for your vehicle, these stations, if any are near you, are the best route to save money.

Note: Prices were compiled in early June 2019 and are subject to change.

Alabama: $2.418


Average gas price: $2.418
Five cheapest stations:
- AAFES in Fort McClellan ($2.18)
- Circle K in Northport ($2.21)
- Mapco in Northport ($2.21)
- Sam's Club in Tuscaloosa ($2.22)
- Murphy USA in East Birmingham ($2.22)

Right along the Gulf Coast with excellent access to fuel supplies, Alabama helps its drivers by applying only about 21 cents worth of state taxes to each gallon sold. If that sounds steep, just consider that drivers a state over in Florida pay 42 cents per gallon in gas taxes.

Alaska: $3.455
Ingo Dörenberg/istockphoto


Average gas price: $3.455
Five cheapest stations:
- Alice Mae's in Chugiak ($3.24)
- Turner's Corner in Palmer ($3.26)
- Tesoro in Meadow Lakes/Sutton/Wasilla ($3.27)
- Holiday in Meadow Lakes ($3.29)
- Essential 1 in Wasilla ($3.29)

Yes, Alaska is a great oil-producing state and gives each of its residents a dividend (a proposed $4,000 this year) based on fuel oil sales, but that doesn't translate to low fuel prices. While state gas taxes are only about 14 cents per gallon, the state doesn't produce or refine enough crude oil to bring down its sky-high West Coast price.

Arizona: $3.119


Average gas price: $3.119
Five cheapest stations:
- Costco in Tucson and Marana ($2.59)
- Sam's Club in Tucson ($2.59)
- Pilot in Rio Rico ($2.65)
- Fastrip in Nogales ($2.65)
- Circle K in Nogales ($2.65)

Arizona's still just a bit too far from the Gulf Coast to reap any of its oil benefits, thus its 19-cent state gas tax — among the lowest in the country — still fails to bring down prices all that much. That makes Arizona drivers some fickle consumers. "Unlike grocery and apparel retailers, the fuel and convenience industry is servicing a truly brand-agnostic consumer," says Sarah McCrary, CEO of GasBuddy.

Arkansas: $2.469


Average gas price: $2.469
Five cheapest stations:
- Sam's Club in Hot Springs ($2.19)
- Murphy USA in North Little Rock ($2.19)
- Shell in North Little Rock ($2.19)
- CJ's in Jacksonville ($2.19)
- Kroger in North Little Rock ($2.19)

Falling just inside the Gulf Coast region, Arkansas still sees gas prices near the coveted $2 mark. Even with state gas taxes of nearly 22 cents per gallon, Arkansas drivers pay nearly $1.50 less than the most expensive state on our list.

California: $3.965


Average gas price: $3.965
Five cheapest stations:
- Shell in Buttonwillow ($2.79 — cash only)
- Sinclair in Lemoore ($2.96 — cash only)
- Fastrip in Lemoore ($2.99)
- Yokut Gas Station in Lemoore ($3.03)
- Sinclair in Buttonwillow ($3.09 — cash only)

As the Energy Information Administration points out, California has its own emissions standards and a unique blend of gasoline that doesn't tend to be refined outside of the state. It's cleaner-burning, it's refined under guidelines more stringent than the federal government, and it's taxed more (at 55 cents per gallon) than any gasoline in the land. "California refineries need to run at near full capacity to meet the state's gasoline demand. If more than one of its refineries experiences operating problems at the same time, California's gasoline prices can increase substantially," the EIA says.

Colorado: $2.841


Average gas price: $2.841
Five cheapest stations:
- Murphy Express in Centennial ($2.42)
- Sinclair in Centennial ($2.42)
- Shell in Aurora ($2.46)
- Murphy Express in Denver ($2.46)
- Maverik in Aurora ($2.47)

The Rocky Mountain region doesn't fare much better than the West Coast when it comes to fuel pricing. Colorado slaps 22 cents per gallon worth of taxes on its gas, which doesn't help matters when all of the state's supply is coming in from elsewhere.

Connecticut: $2.921


Average gas price: $2.921
Five cheapest stations:
- BJ's in Wallingford ($2.54)
- VP Racing Fuels in Plainville ($2.55)
- Stop & Shop ($2.56)
- Cumberland Farms ($2.56)
- Valero ($2.58)

The East Coast isn't terrible when it comes to gas prices, but its three regions — New England, the Central Atlantic, and Lower Atlantic — have prices that vary wildly. New England's are slightly less expensive than those of their neighbors to the south, but 37 cents per gallon in state taxes brings some pain to the pump.

Delaware: $2.625


Average gas price: $2.625
Five cheapest stations:
- Exxon in Rehoboth Beach ($2.41)
- Wawa in Rehoboth Beach ($2.41)
- Riggins in Newark ($2.43 — cash only)
- Star in Mill Creek ($2.43)
- Speedy Gas in Newark ($2.43)

While it's true that Delaware doesn't have a sales tax and has fairly low property taxes, it charges 23 cents per gallon in excise tax on its gasoline. Hey, with the state serving as a tax shelter for banks and corporations, revenue has to come from somewhere.

Florida: $2.557


Average gas price: $2.557
Five cheapest stations:
- Rocket Fuel in Coral Springs ($2.29)
- Sam's Club in Riverview ($2.29)
- Murphy Express ($2.30)
- Costco in West Jacksonville ($2.31)
- Sam's Club in Southwest Jacksonville ($2.31)

Though the state can argue that it charges just 4 cents in gas tax, it isn't counting all of the other state taxes and fees that push its gas tax closer to 42 cents per gallon. Its prices are still lower than the national average, but Gulf Coast Floridians are still stuck with an East Coast premium.

Georgia: $2.577


Average gas price: $2.577
Five cheapest stations:
- Murphy USA in La Fayette ($2.20)
- Sam's Club in Columbus and Morrow ($2.22 and $2.23)
- Mapco in La Fayette ($2.23)
- Costco in Ringgold ($2.24)

Georgia averages the exact same price as neighboring Alabama, thanks largely to more than 35 cents per gallon in state gas taxes. As a result, the only way to get some of its best prices on gas is to pay for a club membership.

Hawaii: $3.600


Average gas price: $3.600
Five cheapest stations:
- Costco in Iwilei ($2.95)
- Costco in Kapolei and Waipio ($2.99)
- Sam's Club in Pearl City ($2.99)
- Costco in Kahului ($3.15)

Yep, if you want any of the Top 5 gas prices in Hawaii, you have to be a Costco or Sam's Club member. However, the only other alternative is to join the Army or Air Force and go to an Army and Air Force Exchange Service station to fill up — there, early June gas prices averaged around $3.20. It's the cost of living in a remote island state.

Idaho: $3.178


Average gas price: $3.178
Five cheapest stations:
- Sam's Club in Idaho Falls ($2.86)
- Fightin' Creek Market & Smoke in Worley ($2.86 — cash only)
- Costco in Coeur d'Alene ($2.87)
- Walmart in Post Falls ($2.87)
- Amerimart in Post Falls ($2.88 — cash only)

Yes, Idaho has it better than its neighboring West Coast states, but not by much. State gas taxes still add up to 33 cents per gallon, and the local stations do their best to compete with Sam's Club and Walmart. "With on-the-go drivers sensitive to the price of fuel, the station location, and the quality of the amenities, the key to seeing returning customers is delighting them with offers that are timely and relevant to their particular trip," says Sarah McCrary, GasBuddy's CEO.

Illinois: $3.062


Average gas price: $3.062
Five cheapest stations:
- Tremont Oil Company in Tremont ($2.44)
- Sam's Club in Champaign ($2.47)
- Murphy USA in Danville ($2.47)
- Meijer in Danville ($2.48)
- Phillips 66 in Danville ($2.49)

As of July 1, Illinois' gas tax jumps from 19 cents to 38 cents, with cities having the option to raise gas taxes by an additional 3 cents per gallon. That's on top of nearly 18 cents in additional gas taxes and fees. As GasBuddy points out, that takes its gas tax from one of the lowest in the region to among the highest.

Indiana: $2.921


Average gas price: $2.921
Five cheapest stations:
- Alvarado Discount Tobacco in Evansville ($2.31)
- Costco in Northwest Fort Wayne ($2.56)
- Sam's Club in North Fort Wayne ($2.56)
- Murphy USA in Linton ($2.56)
- Casey's in Linton ($2.56)

We'd say Illinois' gas-tax losses will be Indiana's gain, but Indiana's gas tax — 43 cents per gallon — is actually higher than its neighbor's. As a result, its prices regularly exceed the Midwest average.

Iowa: $2.708


Average gas price: $2.708
Five cheapest stations:
- Sam's Club in Ankeny ($2.33)
- Sam's Club in Sioux City ($2.35)
- Murphy USA in Sioux City ($2.38)
- Love's in Sioux City ($2.39 — cash only)
- Pilot in Sioux City ($2.39)

Iowa gas prices fall significantly lower than those in neighboring Illinois, with its gas taxes of 31 cents per gallon sitting at about half of Illinois' figure come July 1. That said, the absolute lowest prices in the state are still locked behind a Sam's Club membership.

Kansas: $2.595


Average gas price: $2.595
Five cheapest stations:
- Fuel Depot in Brewster ($2.28)
- Sam's Club in Wichita ($2.32)
- Costco in Wichita ($2.32)
- Jump Start in Wichita ($2.33 — cash only)
- QuikTrip in Wichita ($2.35)

That QuikTrip in Wichita is part of a chain that GasBuddy named its top gas station brand of 2018. The price helps, but there are other reasons to skip the club store membership. "Gas may be the primary reason consumers stop at the gas station, but it's everything else that keeps them coming back," says Frank Beard, convenience store and retail trends analyst at GasBuddy.

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Kentucky: $2.669


Average gas price: $2.669
Five cheapest stations:
- Circle K in Russellville ($2.26)
- Murphy USA in Russellville ($2.26)
- Shell in Nelson County ($2.29)
- Five Star Food Mart in Russellville ($2.29)
- Mount Vernon Fuel Center in Mount Vernon ($2.29)

Two other stores (Dodge's Store in Hopkinsville and Spur in London) match that $2.29 per gallon. Meanwhile, Kentucky is home to the second-lowest state gas tax East of the Mississippi. At 26 cents per gallon, it falls behind only Missouri (17 cents).

Louisiana: $2.383
Ingo Dörenberg/istockphoto


Average gas price: $2.383
Five cheapest stations:
- Costco in Southeast Baton Rouge ($2.07)
- Sam's Club in Denham Springs ($2.07)
- Sam's Club in Metairie ($2.08)
- Tiger Bend Discount Zone in Southeast Baton Rouge ($2.08)
- Costco in Central New Orleans ($2.09)

There are five other shops with that $2.09 price, as Louisiana regularly flirts with $2 gas prices on the low end. If you've seen the tankers on the Mississippi or the state's 20-cents-per-gallon gas tax, you know why.

Maine: $2.771


Average gas price: $2.771
Five cheapest stations:
- Irving in Belfast ($2.53)
- Sunoco in Augusta ($2.54 — cash only)
- CITGO in Augusta ($2.56)
- Citgo in Augusta ($2.57)
- Kenoco in Hermon ($2.57)

How do you make the most of an influx of retirees fleeing "Taxachusetts" as a bunch of lower New England tourists still flood your coastline during the summer? Make them pay a 30-cent gas tax that's actually 4 cents per gallon more than what they'd pay in Boston.

Maryland: $2.725


Average gas price: $2.725
Five cheapest stations:
- Costco in White Marsh ($2.33)
- Sam's Club in Rosedale ($2.33)
- Carroll Motor Fuels in Churchville ($2.37 — cash only)
- Royal Farms in Gambrills ($2.37)
- Carroll Motor Fuels in Joppa and Bel Air ($2.39)

The Central Atlantic tends to be about 30 cents pricier per gallon than the Lower Atlantic that starts just below Maryland in Virginia. That said, Maryland's 35-cent gas tax falls somewhere between the 59 cents per gallon you'd pay in Pennsylvania and the 23.5 cents D.C. charges.

Massachusetts: $2.810


Average gas price: $2.810
Five cheapest stations:
- Quick Stop in Raynham ($2.45)
- Walt's Auto in Taunton ($2.45 — cash only)
- BJ's in Pittsfield ($2.51)
- Unified Petroleum in Fitchburg ($2.51)
- Shell in Pittsfield ($2.53)

That Massachusetts charges about 26 cents in gas taxes — less than Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, or Maine — is a small miracle. That it comes within just 3 cents of what New Hampshire charges is a minor victory for those who opted not to move to Portsmouth and commute into Boston each day.

Michigan: $2.921


Average gas price: $2.921
Five cheapest stations:
- Circle K in Richland ($2.39)
- BP in Richland ($2.39)
- Sam's Club in Battle Creek and Comstock ($2.43)
- Circle K in Battle Creek ($2.44 — cash only)
- Speedway in Woodhaven ($2.45)

For a state that attributed so much of its identity to cars for so long, you'd think it would've somehow avoided 43 cents worth of state gas taxes per gallon. Instead, its gas tax is among the highest in the Midwest and is well above the 28 cents in gas tax charged by its neighboring rival in Ohio.

Minnesota: $2.720


Average gas price: $2.720
Five cheapest stations:
- Costco in Baxter ($2.41)
- VP Racing Fuel in Red Wing ($2.43)
- Costco in Maplewood and Woodbury ($2.44)
- Shakopee Dakota Convenience Store in Prior Lake ($2.45)
- The Corner Store in Oakdale ($2.46)

At nearly 29 cents per gallon, Minnesota has one of the more reasonable gas taxes in the Midwest and certainly one of the more forgiving among Great Lakes states. While the best price here requires a Costco membership, local shops aren't all that far behind.

Mississippi: $2.40
Ingo Dörenberg/istockphoto


Average gas price: $2.40
Five cheapest stations:
- Dodge's Store in Gautier ($2.08 — cash only)
- Shell in Gautier ($2.10)
- Murphy Express in Gautier ($2.10)
- Sam's Club in Gulfport ($2.10)
- Marathon in Bay St. Louis ($2.10)

First Mississippi gets the Gulf Coast discount for being so being so close to the oil supply (the state produces 0.5% of all of the nation's gasoline and is home to one of the nation's largest refineries in Pascagoula). Then it charges just 19 cents per gallon in state gas taxes. Even better, just one of the best gas prices in the state belongs to a club station.

Missouri: $2.569


Average gas price: $2.569
Five cheapest stations:
- Casey's in Columbia ($2)
- Murphy USA in Monett ($2.29)
- Country Mart in Fredericktown ($2.29 — cash only)
- Sam's Club in Joplin ($2.30)
- Murphy USA in Fredericktown ($2.30)

Missouri has the lowest state gas tax in the Midwest at just 17 cents per gallon, making it the envy of certain neighboring states (we're looking at you, Illinois). However, even Gulf Coast neighbors to the south like Oklahoma (20 cents) and Arkansas (22) aren't as generous with their gas tax as Missouri is.

Montana: $2.876


Average gas price: $2.876
Five cheapest stations:
- Costco in West Billings ($2.69)
- Sam's Club in South Billings ($2.69)
- Cenex in Glendive and Savage ($2.69)
- Town Pump in Glendive ($2.69)
- Conoco in West Billings ($2.72)

Yes, Montana borders North Dakota and all that Bakken Shale oil, but it doesn't seem to matter much. A whole lot of that oil heads elsewhere, and Montana has to share the pain with the rest of its Rocky Mountain neighbors. A 32-cent state gas tax doesn't help matters either.

Nebraska: $2.787


Average gas price: $2.787
Five cheapest stations:
- Feather Hill Express in Niobrara ($2.35)
- Murphy Express in North Omaha ($2.38)
- Costco in La Vista and West Omaha ($2.44)
- BP in Omaha ($2.44)

So you grow a bunch of corn: great. All that ethanol may keep gas prices below the national average for the most part, but a 30-cent state gas tax narrows the gap quite a bit.

Nevada: $3.472


Average gas price: $3.472
Five cheapest stations:
- Fastrip Fuel & Horizon Market in Pahrump ($2.97 — cash only)
- Costco in Henderson and Las Vegas ($2.99)
- Sam's Club in Las Vegas ($2.99)
- VP Racing Fuels in Pahrump ($2.99 — cash only)

It doesn't touch the Pacific, but Nevada is definitely West Coast when it comes to gas prices. Roughly $3 per gallon is considered cheap here, and you'll be giving 34 cents per gallon to the state if you decide to fill up and cruise the Vegas strip.

New Hampshire: $2.704

New Hampshire

Average gas price: $2.704
Five cheapest stations:
- Irving in Bethlehem ($2.38)
- Irving in Littleton ($2.39)
- Irving in Holderness ($2.41)
- Heavens Gas in Manchester ($2.41)
- Irving in Ashland ($2.41)

The "Live Free or Die" state kind of gets the first half right by charging a New England-low 24 cents in gas taxes. However, as we mentioned earlier, that's only about 3 cents less than the gas tax in Massachusetts. "Live Slightly Less Expensive or Die" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

New Jersey: $2.872

New Jersey

Average gas price: $2.872
Five cheapest stations:
- Costco in Edison ($2.45)
- Costco in North Brunswick ($2.45)
- Fuel One in Edison ($2.45 — cash only)
- Raceway in Edison ($2.45)
- Edison Fuel Stop in Edison ($2.45)

Why Edison? There are towns closer to the Bayway Refinery in Linden and the Chevron Refinery in Perth Amboy. But with Interstate 287 and the New Jersey Turnpike (I-95) running right through town and connecting it to the Garden State Parkway, New York City, Philadelphia, and — farther along — Boston and D.C., Edison is the nexus of the Northeast Corridor. If you're a trucker or even a car-bound business traveler, this is your best bet for cheap gas for more than a few exits.

New Mexico: $2.670

New Mexico

Average gas price: $2.670
Five cheapest stations:
- Sam's Club in NW Albuquerque ($2.23)
- Costco in NW Albuquerque ($2.25)
- Murphy Express in NW Albuquerque ($2.26)
- Circle K in NW Albuquerque ($2.27)
- Costco in NE and SE Albuquerque ($2.29)

New Mexico qualifies as "Gulf Coast" by U.S. fuel industry standards, but has prices that are about 30 cents higher per gallon than in neighboring Texas. Don't blame the state gas tax, though: At 19 cents, it's lower than the Lone Star State's.

New York: $2.912

New York

Average gas price: $2.912
Five cheapest stations:
- Catt-Rez Enterprises in Irving ($2.23)
- Heron's Landing in Irving ($2.23)
- Big Indian Smoke Shop in Irving ($2.23)
- Seneca Hawk in Irving ($2.25)
- Seneca One Stop in Irving ($2.35)

So what's with all of the cheap gas in Irving? Well, these stations aren't so much in "Irving" as they are on the Cattaraugus Reservation of the Seneca Nation. As a result, neither the 45 cents per gallon in state gas taxes nor the 18 cents in federal gas tax apply here. If you're looking for cheaper gas outside the reservation, your best bet is the Western Door in Akron ($2.43 — cash only).

North Carolina: $2.576
Darwin Brandis/istockphoto

North Carolina

Average gas price: $2.576
Five cheapest stations:
- Murphy USA in South Winston-Salem ($2.19)
- Fast Fuels in High Point ($2.19 — cash only)
- Sunoco in Hickory ($2.19)
- Sam's Club in West Greensboro ($2.20)
- Sheetz in High Point ($2.21)

Having Virginia's 20-cent gas tax to the north and South Carolina's 20-cent tax to the south hasn't hindered North Carolina from charging a whopping 36 cents in state gas taxes. Unsurprisingly, that's left it with prices greater than or equal to its neighbors.

North Dakota: $2.746

North Dakota

Average gas price: $2.746
Five cheapest stations:
- Costco in West Fargo ($2.19)
- Sam's Club in Central Fargo ($2.19)
- Fleet Farm in South Fargo ($2.49)
- Flying J in South Fargo ($2.55)
- Casey's in South Fargo ($2.55 — cash only)

When much of the fuel your state produces is for export, that doesn't do a whole lot for gas prices. North Dakota has only about 760,000 people, which doesn't create much local gas demand, but also makes a 23-cent state gas tax helpful for building revenue.

Ohio: $2.729


Average gas price: $2.729
Five cheapest stations:
- Sam's Club in South Point ($2.26)
- Murphy Express in South Point ($2.26)
- Meijer in Avon ($2.29)
- BP in Rio Grande ($2.30)
- United Dairy Farmers in Northeast Columbus ($2.32)

For a Great Lake state, Ohio has remarkably cheap gas. Its prices fall 10 to 20 cents lower per gallon than neighboring states, largely because its 28-cent state gas tax is lower than those of all its neighbors, save Kentucky (26 cents).

Oklahoma: $2.528


Average gas price: $2.528
Five cheapest stations:
- Love's in The Village ($2.11)
- 7-Eleven in NW and SE Oklahoma City ($2.11)
- OnCue Express in The Village and SE Oklahoma City ($2.11)
- DUO in NW Oklahoma City ($2.11)

Don't be fooled: These are all within the boundaries of Oklahoma City. The city of The Village (which sounds oxymoronic) is surrounded by Oklahoma City but just happens to be home to the corporate headquarters for Love's Travel Stops (hence the $2.11 Love's gas). Oklahoma City's place as a hub of the U.S. energy industry also affects those fuel prices somewhat.

Oregon: $3.419
Jorge Villalba/istockphoto


Average gas price: $3.419
Five cheapest stations:
- 76 in Springfield ($2.88)
- 7-Feathers Truck and Travel in Canyonville ($2.89)
- Mobil in Springfield ($2.91)
- Costco in Salem ($2.95)
- ARCO in Salem ($2.97 — cash only)

Far from most fuel supplies and with a 37-cent gas tax to contend with, Oregon is doomed to near-$3 gas prices during the summer. It doesn't help that Oregon is one of only two states (New Jersey being the other) where motorists are forbidden by law from pumping their own gas — a gas station throwback if ever there was one.

Pennsylvania: $2.961


Average gas price: $2.961
Five cheapest stations:
- Sam's Club in York ($2.57)
- Carroll Motor Fuels in Stewartstown ($2.57 — cash only)
- Sam's Club in Altoona ($2.57)
- Carroll Motor Fuels in York ($2.61 — cash only)
- Sheetz in Altoona ($2.62)

Why does Pennsylvania, once a robust oil producing state that gave us Quaker State and Pennzoil, have gas prices rivaling the Rocky Mountains and West Coast? Despite producing the second largest amount of gasoline in the nation, nearly 59 cents in state gas taxes — a higher levy than California's — make a difference.

Rhode Island: $2.820

Rhode Island

Average gas price: $2.820
Five cheapest stations:
- Savers Mart in Cranston ($2.49 — cash only)
- Iggy's Food Mart in Warren ($2.56 — cash only)
- Khout in Central Providence ($2.59 — cash only)
- Harss Express in Warwick ($2.59 — cash only)
- Q-Mart in Pawtucket ($2.59)

In a tiny state like Rhode Island, 34 cents per gallon in gas taxes goes a long way. That gas tax is second only to Connecticut in the region and is nearly 8 cents higher than the tax in neighboring Massachusetts.

South Carolina: $2.433

South Carolina

Average gas price: $2.433
Five cheapest stations:
- Walmart in Anderson ($2.06)
- QuikTrip in Anderson ($2.07)
- 7-Eleven in Anderson ($2.09)
- Ingles in Anderson ($2.09)
- Sam's Club in Aiken ($2.10)

This is one of the lowest prices you'll find outside of the Gulf Coast, and the 21-cent state gas tax is a big reason why. It's 15 cents lower than North Carolina's tax, 14 cents lower than Georgia's and 5 cents lower than Tennessee's.

South Dakota: $2.731
Ingo Dörenberg/istockphoto

South Dakota

Average gas price: $2.731
Five cheapest stations:
- Costco in Sioux Falls ($2.39)
- Sam's Club in Sioux Falls ($2.44)
- Love's in Sioux Falls ($2.55 — cash only)
- Flying J in Sioux Falls ($2.55)
- Easy Come Easy Go in Mitchell ($2.56 — cash only)

South Dakota faces a similar quandary as its neighbor to the north: It's near plenty of fuel, but doesn't have all that much demand. At little more than 882,000 people — many of whom don't actually live in the state thanks to its lack of income tax and minimal residency requirements — South Dakota's population is small and lacks leverage. A 30 cents per gallon state gas tax doesn't help matters.

Tennessee: $2.502


Average gas price: $2.502
Five cheapest stations:
- Exxon in Ocoee ($2.13 — cash only)
- Icon No. 2 in Maryville ($2.14)
- BP in South Chattanooga ($2.15)
- Murphy Express in Alcoa ($2.16)
- Delta Express in Southwest Chattanooga ($2.16)

Tennessee is considered Midwest by federal fuel standards, but gas prices are comparable to the Gulf Coast. It can thank its spot along the Mississippi, the Valero Refinery in Memphis, and a 26-cent state gas tax for the leniency.

Texas: $2.484
Ingo Dörenberg/istockphoto


Average gas price: $2.484
Five cheapest stations:
- Sam's Club in La Marque ($1.94)
- Murphy USA in La Marque ($1.97)
- Buc-ee's in Texas City ($1.99)
- H-E-B in Hudson Oaks ($1.99)
- Brookshire's in Willow Park ($1.99)

Texas oil production has spiked in the last decade, and only five countries (not states, countries) on earth produce more oil than Texas. Combine that with a 20-cent gas tax, and Texas is the last state in the union where sub-$2 gas isn't a myth.

Utah: $3.153


Average gas price: $3.153
Five cheapest stations:
- Walmart in Tooele ($2.84)
- Chevron in Tooele ($2.86)
- Costco in Lehi and West Valley City ($2.89)
- Flying J in Lake Point ($2.89)

Nestled in the Rockies just close enough to the West Coast to be a problem, Utah has gas prices that flirt with $3 per gallon even on their best day. State gas taxes add up to about 30 cents, but Utah's location would inflate prices even if that tax disappeared tomorrow.

Vermont: $2.769


Average gas price: $2.769
Five cheapest stations:
- 7-Eleven in Bellows Falls ($2.56)
- Shell in Brattleboro and Ludlow ($2.59) 
- 7-Eleven in Ludlow ($2.59)
- Mobil in Ludlow ($2.59)

Even by New England standards, Vermont's 30 cents per gallon gas tax falls on the high end of the range. However, with just 626,000 people spread throughout its territory, Vermont doesn't have the leverage or revenue options of neighboring New York or Massachusetts.

Virginia: $2.566


Average gas price: $2.566
Five cheapest stations:
- BP in Vinton ($2.15 — cash only)
- Exxon in Vinton ($2.15 — cash only)
- Quik Fuel in South Hill ($2.17)
- GB in Altavista ($2.19)
- East Coast Petroleum in Clifton Forge ($2.21)

If you're looking for cheap gas around D.C., you don't have to go all the way out to West Virginia to get it. Virginia's prices are about 30 cents lower than they are in the District, and 20 cents lower than they are in Maryland and even West Virginia. A bit of credit belongs to Virginia's 21-cent state gas tax, which is tied with South Carolina's for lowest on the East Coast.

Washington: $3.526


Average gas price: $3.526
Five cheapest stations:
- Topp Stop in Toppenish ($2.89)
- Wolf Den in Wapato ($2.89 — cash only)
- Yakamart in Toppenish ($2.89)
- Lower Elwha Food and Fuel in Port Angeles ($2.89)
- Costco in Bellingham ($2.95)

So how do the lowest prices in the state fall so far below the average. Well, in Toppenish, you can credit the surrounding Yakama Reservation, which does away with state (49 cents per gallon) and federal (18 cents) gas taxes. Wapato falls within the reservation's sphere of influence as well, while the Lower Elwha reservation near Port Angeles gives the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe similar influence over gas pricing.

West Virginia: $2.701

West Virginia

Average gas price: $2.701
Five cheapest stations:
- Sam's Club in Vienna ($2.38)
- Circle K in Glen Dale ($2.42)
- Sheetz in Parkersburg ($2.43)
- Walmart in Parkersburg ($2.45)
- Sam's Club in Clarksburg ($2.45)

West Virginia has spent generations running on coal, but its gas prices run about even with neighboring Ohio, while running higher than those in Kentucky and Virginia. The state's 36-cent gas tax explains much of the difference, as it's higher than gas taxes in every surrounding state except Pennsylvania.

Wisconsin: $2.816


Average gas price: $2.816
Five cheapest stations:
- Costco in Sun Prairie ($2.57)
- Costco in Bellevue ($2.59)
- Mobil in West Green Bay ($2.59)
- Shell in Green Bay ($2.59)
- Woodman's in East and Southwest Madison ($2.59)

Madison does pretty well for itself, with BP, CITGO, and Spirit stations also offering gas for $2.59 per gallon. A 33-cent gas tax keeps prices around the national average, but the cheaper stations run well below that.

Wyoming: $2.830
Ingo Dörenberg/istockphoto


Average gas price: $2.830
Five cheapest stations:
- Maverik in Gillette ($2.48)
- M.G. Oil Company in Gillette ($2.48)
- Flying J in Gillette ($2.55)
- Sam's Club in Casper ($2.57)
- Exxon in Sheridan ($2.58 — cash only)

About the best nearby fuel production can do for Wyoming is push it toward the national average. Its population is only about 578,000 people, which depresses demand, and a relatively low 24-cent state gas tax is already doing what it can to keep prices lower than they are in states farther west.