Cheap Stocking Stuffers You Can Buy at the Grocery Store

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Christmas Stockings

Gifts That Make Cents

Buying gifts for all your loved ones can get expensive quickly. With a global recession looming, it's more important than ever to find ways to stretch your dollars — and you don't always have to spend a ton on gifts that are thoughtful and affordable. Here are easy stocking stuffer ideas for when you're in a pinch for cash. (And really, who isn't in December?)

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Gift Cards

From restaurants and home improvement stores to online retailers and more, gift cards make for great stocking stuffers because you can choose how much to load onto them, and the variety out there means you can find a card suitable for every person. 

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Candy never gets old, and make for welcome and cheap stocking stuffers for the kids. Just be sure to have noise-canceling headphones nearby when the sugar highs kick in.

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Bath Bombs

Say "I love and appreciate you" with some luxurious-feeling pampering. Bath bombs come in different sizes that make for perfect stocking stuffers.

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Mad Libs, Crossword Puzzles, Coloring Books

Ideal for older family members, crossword and sudoku puzzles can help mental faculties stay sharp; they can even help ward off dementia, studies show. And for the little ones, Mad Libs and coloring books make for easy, cheap stocking stuffers that will keep them entertained for hours. 

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Electric Toothbrushes

With candy and other treats everywhere during the holidays, why not give the kids something they'll thank you for later: dental hygiene. Pick from different colors and designs to help make brushing more fun. 

Takeaway cup, roasted coffee beans and ground coffee
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Phone Charger

Give someone you love this handy present and they'll thank you later. You can never have too many phone chargers — ideally there should be one for each room in the house, since there's nothing more annoying than having to plug and unplug chargers constantly as you relocate. 

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Markers and Crayons

Inspire the little ones to create masterpieces by giving them a set of crayons or markers,. Opt for the Crayola brand — a good option because they are made without the use of toxic dyes or chemicals and are safe even if ingested.

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Fuzzy socks mean being warm during chilly winter months and need never be dull — skip the solids and look for bright colors, playful styles, or even meaningful themes. Get matching socks for the whole family and take a cute, shoeless holiday card photo. Socks are also cheap and bendable, making them good stocking stuffers. 

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With stamp prices going up, it's smart and helpful to stock up now for loved ones who mail a lot — including for anyone with holiday cards or other stationary to send out. Being small, stamp rolls make for great stocking stuffers, while sheets can accompany a card.