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Let us put this as eloquently as we possibly can: For the love of all things good and right in this world, season your damn food. Even cooks who cling to their salt-and-pepper ways typically have staple seasonings on hand. Those who believe garlic powder — or any other spice or herb — has a place in just about every dish might find themselves regularly replenishing their supply, which can become an expensive addition to an already-inflated grocery bill. Thankfully, we have a handy hack that will add flavor to your food at a cheaper price. 

The next time you scan the shelves of the sticker shock-inducing seasoning aisle at your local grocery store, mosey on over to the international foods aisle instead and then locate the Hispanic section. There, you'll find a variety of seasonings, and you'll notice lower prices. Aside from price, the only difference between the spices you'll find in the usual seasoning aisle and those you'll find in the Hispanic section is the brand. Same taste, same composition, but a cheaper alternative. 

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Here's another useful tip: Pay attention to the price-per-ounce breakdown to find the cheapest options. There are tons of sizes and brands of certain spices and herbs, which can be overwhelming for shoppers. Larger-sized containers might cost more up front, but they typically offer a lower price per ounce than smaller bottles. And Costco members take note: The warehouse retailer sells a colossal 18-ounce container of granulated garlic for around $8. 

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