Make Your Bed, Now Lay (Plants) in It: 6 Cheap Raised Garden Bed Ideas

Vita White Vinyl Raised Garden Bed


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Vita Urbana Raised Garden Bed

Bed Time

Whether you're undertaking your first garden project ever this season or are just looking for some new ideas, one thing is certain: Planting is a pain. Even if you love digging in the soil or being outside, gardening takes time and effort. 

That's why we're all about taking the easiest, cheapest route towards a garden. Growing herbs, fruit, and veggies in a DIY raised garden bed doesn't have to be pricey and difficult. There are countless inexpensive raised garden bed ideas out there, but here are a few we really love.


Plastic Crates

Whether you choose to buy some from Walmart or find freebies, crates are a super easy way to build beds. Just fill them with soil and plants. One good thing about this option is that they are movable if you need to change spots in your garden.

cinder block

Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are a popular choice for a raised bed because they basically double as planters. At Lowe's, they're only a couple bucks each. And because they're not exactly lightweight, they'll stay in place in the yard.

ikea bag

Ikea Bags

Talk about multi purpose uses. Ikea bags can be ideal for a raised garden because they're porous, meaning they'll provide a decent drainage system. They're also useful for a hanging garden, which certainly is an interesting look. 

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colored rocks
Cedar Raised Garden Bed
Close up of industrial bricklayer installing bricks on construction site


If you have bricks left over from another project or a source for grabbing them up cheap, they make a great barrier. Stack them as short or as tall as you choose. Bricks will hold in heat and moisture, both of which are useful for plants.

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