25 Cheap Products That Will Make You Feel Rich

Cheap Items To Make You Feel Rich

Jacob Wackerhausen/istockphoto

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Cheap Items To Make You Feel Rich
Jacob Wackerhausen/istockphoto


There are plenty of ridiculous products for people who have more money than sense, but those of us who don't have fat bank accounts are left to gawk and giggle. Good news: We still have plenty of less-conspicuous — and more practical — ways to indulge that won't send us spiraling into bankruptcy. From fancy chocolate to the bigger bath towels, here are 25 small splurges perfect for making everyday life feel just a little more lavish.

Quality Shower Head
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Price: $25 | Buy it on Amazon
There's a reason that fancy hotels tout their souped-up soakers: There's just nothing like a soothing shower. You don't have to spend big for a good one, though. If you love the feel of a rain shower, check out this inexpensive 8-inch WaterPoint showerhead. And if you want multiple settings, AquaDance has you covered.

Luxe Socks
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Price: From $10 | Buy them on Amazon
For something we wear almost daily, we pay precious little attention to socks. Show your feet a little love by splurging on some that are more breathable, durable, and comfortable than typical cotton cheapies. Quick-drying, non-slip Darn Tough socks come highly recommended. So do these Saucony no-shows, especially if you need some ventilated socks for working out.

Framed Art
Courtesy of ikea.com


Price: $20 | Buy it from Ikea
A nice frame can elevate just about any mass-produced print or child's finger painting from ho-hum to gallery-worthy. Since custom framing is so expensive, take the do-it-yourself approach. Ikea's simple, modern Ribba frames start at just a few bucks and are one of the best things you can buy at Ikea.

Bormioli Rocco Decanter Set
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Price: $19 | Buy it on Amazon
You may not even drink whiskey, but who cares? Decanters and fancy glasses will look lovely set out wherever indulge in an adult beverage. And while you can certainly splash out on a pricey set, this Bormioli Rocco Whiskey Gift Set looks gorgeous for under $30. Prefer wine? This aerator has a wow factor, too.

Silk Pillowcase
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Price: $23 | Buy it on Amazon
Aside from feeling fabulous, a silk pillowcase can be a practical buy for several reasons. Silk is comfortable, breathable, and supposedly easier on hair and sensitive skin. This Alaska Bear pillowcase is a favorite on Amazon and comes in more than two dozen colors.

Monogrammed Anything
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Price: $28 | Buy it from Lands' End
Want to feel like you've made it? Slap your initials on the next monogrammable thing you can buy. Stationary, glassware, hand towels, a dress shirt — all are excellent candidates. Our recommendation: Personalize a practical canvas tote like this one from Lands' End.

Sturdy Travel Mug
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Price: $24 | Buy it on Amazon
If your coffee is lukewarm before you make it to the office, it's time to treat yourself to a travel mug that won't let you down. The Zojirushi earns raves for temperature retention. For a few bucks less, the Contigo Autoseal West Loop is a commuter-friendly option with a push-button spout.

Smooth-Writing Pens
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Price: $14 | Buy them on Amazon
If you do any amount of writing, chances are that the free pen from the doctor's office just isn't cutting it. There's no need to splash out on a fancy chrome-plated one, though. This Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen is a sleek option that earns rave reviews for around $15. Users also swear by the Uni-Ball Vision Elite for its smooth, fade-resistant ink.

Premium Chocolate
Courtesy of target.com


Price: $4 | Buy it from Target

Buying nice chocolate is a win-win: Aside from tasting delicious, it feels so decadent that it's easier to ration it out in small portions. If you can't get to Aldi to check out their reasonably priced chocolate, we love Ghirardelli's individually wrapped sea-salt chocolate squares.

Extra-Large Bath Towel
Courtesy of amazon.com


Price: $17 | Buy it on Amazon

Big, fluffy robes can be quite pricey, but you can still snag an extra-large bath towel — also called a bath sheet — to wrap up in pretty reasonably. Grab this 35-by-70-inch bath sheet from Utopia for under $20. It's made of 100 percent ring-spun cotton, comes in several colors, and is big enough to double for a beach towel.

Bath Bombs
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Price: $25 | Buy them on Amazon
Snagging the time to take a bath is a luxury in itself. Bump the experience up a notch with a fizzy, moisturizing bath bomb. Save more by ordering in bulk with this set on Amazon. Lush also makes a huge array of giftable, whimsical choices for under $10.

Purse Hook
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Price: $15 | Buy it on Amazon
You finally splurged on that nice purse you've been eyeing, so why dump it on a filthy restaurant or bathroom floor if you don't have to? Loop the Clipa2 over a strap and use it to hang your bag from practically anywhere — tabletops, ledges, even the edge of a sink.

Faux Fur Blanket
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Price: $34 | Buy it on Amazon
On a chilly day, there's nothing better than cozying up under an ultra-soft, ultra-warm throw blanket. Drape one like this Pinzon beauty over the back of your couch, and your living room suddenly feels like a high-end ski lodge.

Wooden Hangers
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Price: $29 | Buy them on Amazon
Spend just a little more and you can upgrade those plastic cheapies that easily bend and break. Wooden hangers last forever, support clothing without stretching it out, and can easily handle heavier garments like suits and coats. Check out these AmazonBasics suit hangers with chrome handles and notches for straps. They're less than a buck each.

Plush Toilet Paper
Courtesy of walmart.com


Price: $23 | Buy it from Walmart
We've preached this gospel before: Cheap toilet paper just isn't worth the savings. Treat your behind to a softer experience by springing for the multi-ply (just make sure your plumbing is up to the task). Charmin Ultra Soft is a reviewer favorite, and it's septic-safe.

Courtesy of amazon.com


Price: $16 | Buy them on Amazon
Having plants in the house adds a pop of color, not to mention a touch of zen. If you have a black thumb, opt for succulents. They require very little water, but look fabulous just about anywhere they can get enough light. This set of five can flourish together in a terrarium or in small pots sprinkled all over.

High-End Butter
Courtesy of target.com


Prices vary in store | Buy it from Target
If you do any amount of baking, devotees swear up and down that it's worth the small premium to swap your regular supermarket butter for something creamier like Kerrygold. "I would rate this a trillion stars," raves one Influenster reviewer. "It's rich, smooth, a little salty, and adds another dimension of flavor to cooking that you don't get with other butter."

Herb Keeper
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Price: $15 | Buy it on Amazon
Nothing elevates a dish like fresh herbs, but they spoil so quickly. Step away from the dried spices and invest a modest amount in a reusable herb keeper like this one from OXO, available in two sizes. It better regulates moisture and air circulation so that you won't find yourself throwing out bunches of wilted cilantro, basil, or parsley mere days after buying them.

Sleep Mask
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Price: $15 | Buy it on Amazon
We can all probably agree that the gift of more sleep is downright priceless. Consider adding an inexpensive sleep mask to your nightly routine — it will block out annoying ambient light and let you snooze longer, especially in the morning. This PrettyCare mask won't put pressure on your eyes and can even keep makeup smudge-free during that midday nap. Try a mask with gel if you want to try soothing heat or cold therapy.

Tie-Free Laces
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Price: $20 | Buy them on Amazon
Add that little bit of slip-on convenience to your favorite pair of sneakers by swapping out the laces. Zubits uses magnetic closures to keep existing laces closed tight. Another option are these no-tie elastic laces that are fully adjustable and can be cut to fit any pair of shoes — even kids'.

Laundry Scent Booster
Courtesy of walmart.com


Price: $9 | Buy it from Walmart
You know that extra spring in your step that comes from smelling a freshly laundered sweater or pair of sheets? Experience it more often by using a laundry scent booster — just sprinkle the scented beads into your washer drum. Try Downy Unstoppables for an exotic scent or Gain Fireworks for a more traditional fresh scent.

Sparkling Beverages
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Price: $5 | Buy them from Target
Sign us up for anything fizzy — it all feels like a treat. For an added extra-special touch, grab a beverage that's still served in a glass bottle. Izze Sparkling Juice is one of our favorites, and a four pack of bottles shouldn't set you back more than $5. Another idea: Spring for an old-fashioned soda like Cheerwine.

Phone Grips
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Price: $14 | Buy them on Amazon
We all spend a ton of time on our smartphones, so spending a few more bucks to make it as comfortable as possible seems like a no-brainer. These luxe-looking metallic PopSockets make your phone way easier to grip, and they collapse against your phone so they won't take up too much space.

Fancy Soaps
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Price: $20 | Buy them on Amazon
Body wash is convenient, but using a traditional bar of soap can feel extra-indulgent. Stock up on individually wrapped soaps and save some to impress your guests next time you have company.  This customer favorite from Raw Sugar is another way to lather up in style.

Scented Candles
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Price: $13 | Buy them on Amazon
Indulge your sense of smell with a quality candle. There's always a ton to choose from at your local discounter (think T.J. Maxx or HomeGoods), but if you're picky about the scent, head online. Who wouldn't enjoy 50 hours of balance and harmony, or the comforting smell of Christmas cookies?