Even More Expensive Things That Just Aren't Worth It Anymore


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Remember When Movies Were A Quarter?

There seems to be an entirely inevitable, escalating series of discussions from our friends over on Reddit about how the cost of living is rising at an aggressive pace, and specifically, how so many products and services many of us once would commit to without a second thought, are now financially absurd. 

We're back at it again with more things that simply aren't worth it. If you need a quick refresh, our last piece about things that aren't worth it anymore can be found over here


Yeah, That's Not Going To Cut It.

Gas stations need to slow down as soon as possible with their insanely competitive pricing. The money hasn't started growing on trees just yet. 


Thrifting Ain't What It Used To Be.

Might as well hop online and see what's happening with all of the discounts and promo codes nowadays. 


Hard To Find A Good Show Nowadays.

Quantity doesn't mean quality at all when it comes to what some of these streaming factories are packaging and churning out as streamable entertainment. 

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Rent? We Don't Talk About That Anymore.

Oh, rent. If you're someone who is hustling to make it in a big city, you've likely endured your own share of rent increases and/or just having a hard time finding a place that's bigger than a closet where you can live when you're not working all the time, and not have to spend all your money. Yeah, such a reasonable enough expectation seems to be shifting further and further away from reality as we know it. 

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Legit Luxury Sports.

If it snows enough in your neighborhood you can grab a box and go sledding for free. There's always that route. 


We Don't Like Dem Apples.

This is not okay. I mean, the comprehensive breakdown on the rising prices of apples is appreciated, but the picture of apples pricing itself is far from okay. 


Plus, Phones Seem Rigged To Break Eventually.

It really is almost like so many of these smartphones aren't quite smart enough to not give out on us over a pre-designated amount of time. 

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Just Keep The Pool Pricing Reasonable For The Kids.

Yeah, let's do what we can to keep the good and healthy habits at a reasonable enough price point. Come on. 


That Poke Bowl Better Have All The Fixins.

Some Poke Bowls have really gone off the grid when it comes to their asking prices. You better make sure that your next Poke Bowl has enough grub packed in there to keep you filled up for a couple meals at least. 


At Least There Are Always Going To Be Free Apps.

Seriously, the pricing behind some video games has reached astronomical heights. Granted, the work that goes into some of the masterpieces that are being released today warrants the pricing sometimes. Other times though, it's like, slow down.