Father's Day Gifts Under $50

54 Gifts Under $50 Dads Actually Want for Father's Day

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Father's Day Gifts Under $50


Dad may say he wants nothing but your company this Father's Day (or to be left alone to take a nap), but surely he'd appreciate a thoughtful gift on June 18. It may seem like a challenge to come up with something that won't get buried in his closet or sent back to the store, but here are 50 ideas for $50 or less.

Louis DeNicola and Jennifer Magid contributed reporting.

Hand-Built Camera
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Dad's smartphone may have a camera, but there's still something special about using a device made specifically to take pictures — especially when dad makes the device himself. Lomography's Konstruktor camera kit costs $39 at B&H and comes with all the parts necessary to build a working single-lens-reflex, 35mm camera. The kit earns good customer reviews on the sites where it sells (and sometimes sells out).

Car Wash Kit
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Instead of making dad fork over money regularly for a deluxe car wash, get him a car-washing kit to do it at home all summer. This kit from Turtle Wax is $21 and comes with a micro-fiber towel, car wash, wax, tire-shining spray, and interior cleaner and protectant.

Syma X5C Quadcopter
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Amp up the "wow" factor on Father's Day by giving dad an eye in the sky with an affordable camera-equipped drone ($27 on Amazon). Considered an excellent low-cost drone for beginners, the Syma X5C can be flown indoors or outdoors, and it has flashing lights for nighttime flying.

New Tools
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If dad's the go-to guy to fix a leaky sink or help hang pictures, make sure he comes prepared with the Dowell 17-piece tool set ($33 on Amazon). The kit contains pruning sheers, an adjustable wrench, a tape measure, and a screwdriver. Whatever kit you choose, make sure it contains the must-have tools for homeowners.

Homemade Infused Liquor
Courtesy of homemadegin.com


A bottle of whiskey is a tired gift. Instead, let dad infuse store-bought liquor with flavors he actually likes. The possibilities range from a classic limoncello (made with vodka) to a more outré habanero honey whiskey. Infusing takes anywhere from a day or two to well over a week, depending on the recipe. The Homemade Gin Kit ($50) comes with all the herbs necessary to transform vodka into gin in 36 hours. For a more customized finish, dad can use fresh produce from a farmers market and follow steps laid out by Bon Appétit. When buying the booze, don't bother with the good stuff; a fifth of serviceable vodka costs $8 to $12.

Beer-Making Kit
Courtesy of northernbrewer.com


If dad is more of a beer guy, there are still plenty of DIY opportunities, including a home-brewing starter kit from Northern Brewer for $50. This small-batch kit makes about 1 gallon, enough to wet dad's whistle, and has six recipes to select from, including pumpkin ale, Irish Red, and American wheat. Find out how home brewing can save more than 50% on craft beer.

Brewery Tour


If home brewing doesn't interest dad, a brewery tour is a good substitute. There are breweries all over the country and more opening all the time, and many have free or low-cost tours with samples as part of the package. Make a day of it with dad.

Growler Gift Card


Even if your favorite beer drinker isn't inclined to make his own brew, you can still give him a gift card for a growler, which he can fill with his favorite beer to take home. Growler gift cards are increasingly available at breweries, brewpubs, and even grocery stores. Search online to find one nearby and let dad decide what brew to put in the glass jug — kombucha and cold brew coffee taps are increasingly available as well, and a fill can cost as little as $5 depending on location. (Note that some places fill only their own branded growlers, which can add significantly to the cost.)

A Better Wallet


Slim down dad's or grandpa's wallet and provide easier access to cards that get used the most with modern wallets from brands such as from Big Skinny (starting at $18), ZerOz (starting at $35), or Dash Wallets, where sale prices go as low as $15.

Blade Buddy
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Pricey disposable razor blades are sometimes thrown out after only a week. Help dad save money — and his skin — with the Blade Buddy ($9 on Amazon), which keeps those little cartridges sharp for months. This gift is good for the wallet and for the planet, and customer reviews give the product an average of 4 out of 5 stars.

Shaving and/or Beard Care Kit
Courtesy of thebeardking.com


If dad shaves on a regular basis, some nice aftershave will do the trick, coupled with a Beard Bib ($20 in black or white from Beard King) to catch clippings without clogging the sink or leaving a mess. If he wants to maintain a beard, try beard oil and a brush ($16 and $10 respectively at Texas Beard Co.).

Round of Golf


This classic idea may not seem inexpensive, but if dad fancies himself the second coming of Arnold Palmer, daily deal websites can bring the gift of golf within reach. Use Yipit to search sites such as Amazon Local and Groupon, where dedicated sports categories make relevant deals easier to find. There are also plenty of low-cost golf courses nationwide, and some offer nine or 18 holes for between $10 and $50.

Homemade Bacon
Courtesy of originalkits.com


Making bacon at home just means there's more of it to eat. The Original Baconkit costs $28 and comes with a curing bag, the cure, maple sugar, a thermometer, and directions. All the bacon lover needs to contribute is 5 pounds of pork belly, which sells for about $5 a pound at a local butcher. Dad can make the bacon in an oven or a smoker, and the family can reap the benefits of his work (if he shares).

Indoor Grill
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A dad who always takes charge of summer barbecues will appreciate the option to grill indoors, as well. The Cuisinart Sandwich Grill ($19 on Amazon) specializes in grilled sandwiches of all kinds. It can also cook omelets, French toast, and other tasty delights.

Reclaimed Wood Bottle Opener
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A reclaimed-wood bottle opener painted to reflect dad's interests makes a unique and personalized gift. The Grizzly Bear Creations store on Etsy charges $35 for rustic designs that include football teams and branches of the military, and can be customized by contacting the maker.

DIY Terrarium
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An enclosed garden may be just the right gift for a dad with a green thumb. Terrarium kits start at about $14 on sites such as Etsy and Amazon and can always be enlarged by adding unique finds — a special moss from the garden center or a few trinkets from a flea market, for example. Some kits come with a container; if not, buy a mason jar at the dollar store or a decorative glass vessel costing $10 to $20 at a craft store. Once complete, one of these miniature wonders can brighten his day at work or his favorite room at home.

Publish a Book


Take family photos or other meaningful memories and compile them into a handsome, long-lasting, and inexpensive book using an online service such as Blurb, where one popular option is $15 for 20 pages, or Social Print Studio (which has cute and clever "tinybooks" or ring-bound minibooks for $15).



Pull dad away from flickering screens and spend some bonding time in nature. This gift is totally free, but for the cost of the ride to a trail, and requires no particular skill. There are trails almost anywhere there are woods and streams, but for something more memorable, try one of Cheapism's outstanding hikes.

Hiking Equipment
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If hiking is on the agenda, the trip can be made a little more enjoyable with some new equipment. Trekking poles ($20 for two on Amazon) provide extra stability while hiking and help ease knee strain. After the hike, a package of Dr. Scholl's Moleskin Plus ($4 on Amazon) might be handy, too.

Bike Tune-Up


The family that's more into biking than hiking can get dad on the move this summer with a bike tune-up. Half of the work is taking the bike in, so do it without telling dad and cover the cost of any minor repairs. He'll be grateful to be spared the hassle and expense.

Bike Gear
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If dad is really into biking, consider a handy multi-tool for when he is out on the road or trail. This 19-tool model from Crankbrothers ($26 on Amazon) includes a chain tool, spoke wrench, hex wrenches, and screwdrivers. It earns high marks from buyers for its strength and usefulness.

Summer Hat
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Many men don't feel fully dressed without a hat. If your dad is one of them, a classic fedora from Stetson ($24 to $30 on Amazon) would be a fashionable addition to his collection. It is widely praised by reviewers for its stylish look and its comfort.

Homemade Jerky Fixings


DIY jerky is often made with flank steak, which sells for less than $8 a pound. Marinade and spice mixtures cost less than $15. Present them to dad along with jerky-making instructions from a source such as The Kitchn, and try it together. The process is straightforward: Cut the meat into strips, remove the fat, marinate the slices, add seasonings, and dry in a dehydrator or oven. Total elapsed time: a bit more than a day, and there should be plenty of ingredients left over for repeat performances.

Vegetarian Delight
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If the idea of homemade jerky would churn dad's stomach, turn to a classic meat alternative: tofu. Amazon sells a tofu-making kit for $23 that comes with GMO-free soybeans, a mold, and cheesecloth. The only other necessary supplies are a blender and a lemon. Dad can customize the firmness of the tofu exactly to his liking. A 1-pound brick is ready in less than an hour to be added to a stir-fry, slapped on a grill, or marinated and baked for snacks or salad toppings.

Champion studio/shutterstock


Even an entry-level or refurbished iPad can cost a couple hundred dollars, but old-fashioned magazine subscriptions are usually a bargain these days. Make this cheap gift more meaningful by selecting titles that cater to dad's hobbies and interests. Subscriptions to Car and Driver, Men's Health, or The New Yorker -- to name a few -- are available for less than $20 (although that price may not buy a full year of some titles).

Fidget Spinner
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Is dad a little stressed out? Does he have trouble concentrating? Maybe a Fidget Spinner is what he needs to calm his nerves. There are countless varieties, ranging from ninja-star shaped to glow-in-dark, under $10. It could be just the thing to keep him on task.

Charitable Donation


Give to a charity dad admires or a cause that is important to him, then let him know with a thoughtful card. Some charities will send an acknowledgment for this feel-good gift that resonates in the world.

Event Tickets
Africa Studio/shutterstock


Take a charitable donation a step further and buy access for dad to a charity event he admires. Wine tastings, beer samplings, golf tournaments, and silent auctions with entertainment are often hosted in the name of charity, especially in the summer and fall. Find an event he would enjoy for a charity he supports and scoop up a set of tickets.

New Sports Book
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If dad is a sports fan, consider getting him a new book about his favorite game or team. Published this spring, "The Plan: Epstein, Maddon, and the Audacious Blueprint for a Cubs Dynasty" ($17 on Amazon) traces the historic transformation of the baseball team once known as the "doormat of the National League."

Barrel-Aging Kit
Courtesy of uncommongoods.com


For the father who likes the peaty things in life, barrel aging adds an extra touch of mellow to a preferred spirit. UncommonGoods sells two barrel-aging kits: a $30 version intended to age a bottle of whiskey or rum already on hand and a $35 version with a glass bottle meant to hold a favorite cocktail mix. Place the wooden staves from the kit inside a full bottle of liquor and let it sit for one to three weeks, according to taste.

Something Timely
Iablonskyi Mykola/shutterstock


Certainly not every watch is budget-friendly, but there are standout watches for reasonable prices. The trick is knowing what to look for. Choose one with a mineral crystal, which scratches less easily than the more common acrylic crystal, and keep an eye out for quartz movement, the most popular mechanism for low-cost watches, which should keep accurate time as long as the battery holds out.

Home-Cooked Meal
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Is dad a champion pancake maker, or could he live at the grill? Turn the tables by making his specialties for him. This is a chance to show his cooking skills are admired or invite him to teach you a thing or two, and the price is nothing more than the cost of ingredients.

Pocket Knife
Courtesy of cabelas.com


Good pocket knives can be found for as low as $15 — it just depends what dad wants, needs, and would use it for. A classic-look Buck 55 folding hunter's knife, which averages 4.8 out of 5 stars in customer reviews, is $40 at Cabela's.

Courtesy of amazon.com


A Lorann Oils soap-making kit ($24 on Amazon) includes glycerin soap base, liquid colors, cocoa butter, fragrances, and a mold and gets an average rating of 4.5 stars in customer reviews. Or assemble a kit yourself by gathering lye (from the local hardware store), oils, fragrances and textures (dried flowers, coffee, or walnuts, for example), mixing bowls, protective glasses and gloves, and a plastic or silicone mold, PVC pipe, or a cardboard box lined with freezer paper. Include very specific instructions, because working with lye can be dangerous.

Barmaid Beer Soap
Courtesy of barmaidsoapcompany.com


If the beer and soap ideas sound appealing but still a bit too expensive, Barmaid Beer Soap is sure to be a hit, and dad won't have to make it himself. On top of being a fun novelty, the soaps are chemical-free — good for dad and the environment -- and cost just $6. Get him several of the beer "flavors" to try.

Scavenger Hunt
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To spend time with dad this Father's Day instead of offering a traditional gift, set up a scavenger hunt for him. Pepper each spot with small gifts such as golf balls, a framed family picture, a hat for his favorite sports team — whatever has meaning to him. This would be especially fun to do with young kids who would get a thrill out of setting this up for dad or grandpa.

Hot Sauce
Courtesy of shop.growandmake.com


The popularity of hot sauce has skyrocketed over the past decade compared with other condiments. If dad likes his food spicy, give a Grow and Make artisan hot sauce kit. This $30 kit contains the ingredients (spices, sugar, peppers, vinegar) to concoct three different hot sauces or three bottles of one type. Supplies (funnel, gloves, bottles, labels, and cleanser) are included.

Lasse Hendriks/shutterstock


One absolutely free thing the family can enjoy together is Geocaching. Simply download the app and create an account, then start looking for a geocache nearby. Do as many as possible in a day and enjoy making memories with dad.

Family Zoo Trip


Many zoos across the county offer free or half-off admission to dads on Father's Day — and some zoos are free for all, year-round.

Manicured Yard
Alinute Silzeviciute/shutterstock


Yard work is a tough job, but someone has to do it — and if it's usually dad, try cutting him a break this Father's Day. Let him prop his feet up with a drink while someone else cuts the grass, edges the walkways, and weeds the flower beds.

Hot Pepper Plants
Courtesy of burpee.com


Find something dad will enjoy for the garden and get the crops coming in. Hot pepper plants can add some spice to dad's gardening palette and, like most seeds, are pretty cheap. Burpee sells a variety starting as low as $5.

Clean Car


Take that car wash kit a step further and do the work for dad. Pair a wash or a series of washes with the Turtle Wax kit to make having a car that much easier for him, at no additional cost to you (other than time). Keeping a car clean is a simple way of maintaining its value.

Dollar Shave Club
Courtesy of dollarshaveclub.com


For as little as $6 a month (which includes shipping and handling) dad can be part of the Dollar Shave Club and get five two-blade cartridges a month. Of course, spending a little more brings fancier options.

Salon Pedicure and Manicure


Manicures and pedicures aren't reserved for women. Treat dad to either or both services. No doubt his fingers and toes could use it, and he's sure to enjoy the relaxing treat. Many salons offer the service for less than $50.

Courtesy of amazon.com


To go with that salon pedicure, or as a gift on its own, get dad a soft pair of slippers to slip into after a long day of work or first thing in the morning. With hundreds of highly rated men's slippers on Amazon that cost less than $25, there is bound to be an affordable pair that matches dad's style.

Day of Sleep


A day of uninterrupted sleep could be priceless for a parent, especially those with young children. All dad needs is a pillow, a blanket, and a promise that his responsibilities will be taken care of while he rests.

Haircut and Beard Trim


If it's the experience that's important, treat dad to a good old-fashioned haircut and shave. Novelty barbers can be found almost anywhere, and the cost is usually reasonable. The consumer site Angie's List reports that the average cost for a beard trim is about $15 nationwide. A simple haircut can run $20 or less, especially at an old-school, independent barber. These days, even the Supercuts chain indulges customers with a hot towel after a trim.

Building Kit
Courtesy of amazon.com


Dad or grandpa will love being able to look back on doing a project with the kids. Scores of Lego projects and toy sets, which have been enjoyed by generations of children and parents, cost less than $50 on Amazon. There's bound to be one everyone in the family will enjoy.

Funny or Unique T-Shirt
Courtesy of amazon.com


Sometimes the simple things are appreciated most. A funny or unique T-shirt will give dad a good chuckle and put a useful item in his wardrobe for years to come. And there's a shirt for almost every niche on Amazon, including a Star Wars tee that pairs well with Father's Day, starting at less than $16 for a shirt.

Funky Dress Socks
Courtesy of amazon.com


For the dad who has to dress up for work, add a little pep to his step with silly dress socks. There are many fine choices under $15 on Amazon. If there are young kids in the house, enlist their help picking the perfect pair.

Personalized Hammer
Courtesy of etsy.com


If dad is a handy guy and works with tools often, an engraved hammer could mean a lot to him. One option from the Caroline High Cotton store on Etsy ($25) has a customizable handle. Imagine saying something like, "Dad, thank you for helping me build my life."

Cufflinks or Tie Clip
Michael Kraus/shutterstock


If dad has to dress up often, engraved cufflinks or an engraved tie clip will make a nice addition to his wardrobe. Check out Things Remembered for many options under the $50 mark.

Photo Cup
Courtesy of shutterfly.com


Put your mug on a mug for Father's Day. Have a photo printed on a coffee mug or to-go cup through Shutterfly, where prices start as low as $8.

Homemade or Handwritten Card


A homemade card might be something a dad of young children will treasure. Older kids or adults preparing a present for a parent can sit down and write out a card by hand. Share some favorite memories and explain why you are so thankful to have him in your life. It'll hold more meaning than anything from a store.