TikTok triptych hack for how to fold a cereal box correctly


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I was today years old when I learned how to properly close a cereal box. If you also thought the correct way was by closing the top panels and tucking them into those fragile tabs that are prone to breaking, then chances are you've been doing it wrong, too. 

After first going viral in 2020, a TikTok video demonstrating a clever way to fold cereal boxes to prevent it from becoming stale is once again making the rounds on social media. The hack diverges from the traditional method of closing the box from the top and involves a unique folding technique to reshapes the box and keep your cereal fresh for longer. 

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As the TikToker demonstrates, the process is relatively simple, though it may take a bit of practice to perfect. Here's how you do it:

  1. Open Flaps: Start with the cereal box open. Extend all the top flaps so they are sticking straight up.
  2. Fold Small Side Flaps: Take the two smaller side flaps at the top of the box and fold them down inside the box. These are usually the shorter flaps on the narrower sides of the box.
  3. Fold One Large Flap: Next, fold down one of the larger flaps (the longer ones) into the box, just like you did with the smaller side flaps.
  4. Create the V-Shape: For the remaining large flap, first fold its top half downwards, so it creates a diagonal line forming a V-shape. This is the step that reshapes the box's opening.
  5. Tuck and Secure: Finally, tuck this V-shaped flap inside the box by slotting it into place beneath the flap you folded down in step 3. This tucking action secures the V-shape and closes the box neatly to prevent staleness.

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The Bottom Line

This hack not only helps in closing the box more securely, but also serves as an effective way to prevent air from getting in to keep your cereal fresh for much longer. The video sent users into a frenzy, with many commenters trying it out and affirming its practicality. 

"I had no clue and I am 40," writes one user, while another says, "This is freaking amazing!!!" We have to agree — TikTok often teaches us more practical life skills and household tips than we ever learned in school. Hooray for social media! 

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