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TikTok Reveals Homes of Celebrities Before and After They Became Famous

When celebrities make it big, there's a lot for them to think about — how being famous changes their interactions with fans and how wearing sweatpants to get the mail isn't the same as it once was, for example. But the biggest change they make? Living quarters — and TikTok user @aliciahamilton123 is showing the difference on the app. 

The first slideshow (the account has three plus one of politicians' homes) shows the humble homes of Eminem and Rihanna followed by the lavish spreads they owned post-fame, as well as the upgrades of Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Swift. Keep scrolling through the slideshows to see the before-and-after treatment for stars like Post Malone, Angelina Jolie. Miley Cyrus, and others.

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