The Superyacht So Big It Has a Mooring Station for Smaller Boats

Saturnia Superyacht

Lazzarini Design Studio

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Saturnia Superyacht
Lazzarini Design Studio

Yacht Not Enough?

Yachts are usually impressive in their own right, but add Rome-based Lazzarini Design Studio to a growing list of nautical designers that aim to take them to next-level status. One of the studio's latest projects, Saturnia, is a massive, 100-meter superyacht with a number of innovative features that definitely push the envelope. 

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Saturnia's Mooring Station
Lazzarini Design Studio

An Inner Dockyard

The most innovative feature of the Saturnia? Probably the inner mooring station, which can be accessed from either side of the yacht and where smaller vessels of up to 1.5 meters can enter and dock. A walk-around deck allows guests and crew convenient access, making it easy to greet newcomers.   

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Saturnia Front View
Lazzarini Design Studio

Light and Fast

Designed with dry carbon fiber structures, Saturnia is estimated to be half the weight of similarly sized yachts made of more traditional materials. The unique construction lets it achieve a top speed of around 30 knots. It also has a hybrid propulsion system that uses identical side diesel engines and a central electronic water jet system, allowing for zero emissions. 

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Saturnia Plan
Lazzarini Design Studio

Linear Lines

Saturnia is designed "mostly of geometric straight lines," says a Lazzarini representative. The angularity allows for "very simple and efficient construction procedures that have never been used before in the yachting industry."

Saturnia Terrace
Lazzarini Design Studio

Innovative Design

The Saturnia includes five decks and can be configured to include 10 to 20 suites for up to 20 passengers and an additional 20 crew members. Retractable side terraces can be designed as glass-floor lounge areas allowing for views straight down into the water below.

Saturnia Deck View
Lazzarini Design Studio

Cost and Completion

While the Saturnia is still a concept vehicle, the Lazzarini team says there's already been interest, and they're hopeful that a buyer will come onboard soon. Whoever that is will need a fat bank account and some patience: The yacht is projected to cost a cool $350 million, and would require about 30 months of build time before it can set sail. 

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