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Epoch Everlasting Play, the maker of Calico Critters toys, has issued a recall of 3.2 million stuffed toy sets because they present a choking hazard to children. Since 2015, two children have died by choking on accessories included with Calico Critters flocked animal figurines: a 2-year-old in New Mexico and a 9-month-old in Japan. One additional incident involving the accessories was reported to the company but did not result in death.

How to Know if Your Child's Toys Have Been Recalled

Did you buy your Calico Critters flocked animal figure set between January 2000 and December 2021?

Does your set have bottle and pacifier accessories? 

Does it have one of these item numbers or names on the bottom of the package, or does it match the product description?

  • CC1407 — sandy cat twins
  • CC1450 — chihuahua twins
  • CC1459 — border collie twins
  • CC1481 — hazelnut chipmunk twins
  • CC1491 — fluffy hamster twins
  • CC1508 — wilder panda twins
  • CC1510 — cuddle bear twins
  • CC1529 — slydale fox twins
  • CC1533 — hawthorne twins
  • CC1571 — ellwoods elephant twins
  • CC1586 — Persian cat twins 
  • CC1641 — fisher cat twins
  • CC1643 — BL hopscotch rabbit twin
  • CC1664 — highchair and accessories
  • CC1689 — buttercup twins
  • CC1694 — CC silk cat twins
  • CC1737 — BL toy poodle twins
  • CC1750 — baby nursery set
  • CC1761 — twins assortment ‐ PK 9
  • CC1795 — BL maple cat twins
  • CC1924 — BL pickleweeds hedge twins
  • CC1955 — Jason and Amanda visit Dr. Murdock
  • CC1965 — carry cases ‐ PK 1
  • CC2006 — beagle twins
  • CC2019 — yellow labrador twins
  • CC2067 — adventure treehouse gift
  • CC2269 — baby nursery set
  • CC2269P4 — baby nursery ‐ PK4
  • CC2484 — Jess & Noah's backyard fun
  • CC2537 — BL Sophie's love n care
  • CC2537P4 — Sophie love n care ‐ PK4
  • CC2597 — nightlight nursery set
  • CC2598 — baby's blue bedroom set with nightlight
  • CF1407 — BL sandy cat twins
  • CF1412 — BL hopscotch rabbit twins
  • CF1416 — BL ellwood elephant twins
  • CF1418 — BL yellow lab twins
  • CF1424 —silk cat twins
  • CF1429 — BL pickleweed hedgehog twins
  • CF1481 — BL hazelnut chipmunk twins
  • CF1491 — BL fluffy hamster twins
  • CF1510 — BL cuddle bear twins
  • CF1513 — BL nightlight nursery set
  • CF1520 — BL wilder panda twins
  • CF1526 — BL border collie twins
  • CF1554 — BL baby's nursery set
  • CF1586 — BL Persian cat twins
  • CF1717 — BL adventure treehouse gift set
  • CF1737 — BL toy poodle twins
  • CF1750 — BL baby nursery set
  • CF1761 — BL twins assortment
  • CF1795 — BL maple cat twins
  • CF2537 — BL Sophies love n care
  • CF2537P4 — BL Sophies love n care

If you have a Calico Critters flocked animal figure set that included bottle and pacifier accessories, it's part of the recall, even if you no longer have the packaging to determine the item number or name. The sets were sold nationwide at several retailers, including Walmart, Meijer, Amazon, and the Calico Critters website.

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If you have a recalled toy set, take the bottle and pacifier accessories away from children immediately, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says.

To receive a free replacement accessory, call Epoch Everlasting Play at 800-631-1272, email the company, or fill out the form on the recall website (scroll to the bottom of the page).

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