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Picking up your own takeout used to be a logical way to save money on food delivery. That is, until Buffalo Wild Wings added a takeout fee — and customers aren’t having it. 

In a thread on Reddit, user u/ColdCruise posts, “I’ve gone from living in a time when delivery was free to a time when I have to pay to pick up my own food."

The user shows a screenshot of their receipt, which includes an order of one medium house sampler that has been discounted — plus a 99-cent takeout fee, with a disclaimer in fine print from the restaurant that “this service fee helps us operate our takeout business.”

Buffalo WW ReceiptPhoto credit: Reddit
@theshinebrightlife So all BWW have this fee (at least my local ones) and I am assuming its a leftover fee from covid times. But to have that fee when its a takeout only seems a little ridiculous. #greenscreen #buffalowildwings #fees #silly #ripoff ♬ original sound - Angela

Most Redditors had questions about how the poster was able to get a free meal in the first place, but others had serious thoughts about that sneaky little fee.

"In 3 years we went from 'cheap delivery on pizza and Chinese food' to 'everything is now delivered to my door' to 'delivery is so expensive I have no other choice but to pick the damn food up myself,'" comments u/TheLastModerate982.

"A takeout fee? What in the burning abyss is that? That would be an immediate 'never ordering from this place again' moment," adds u/Kira_Caroso.

"A few of the places around where I live added take out fees of like 15%. I laughed each time and told them I won’t be ordering then. Take out is supposed to be the cheapest option. Always. Your not using any of the services that warrant tips or extra charges," says u/Horror-Maybe-.

The restaurant has already found itself in hot water (hot wings?) because of the added charges. Last year, a class action complaint was filed, alleging that Buffalo Wild Wings was conducting “false and deceptive” business practices over the takeout fee.

But in a recent article, Buffalo Wild Wings responded to the criticism, saying that the takeout fee was part of a "test" at certain locations and would be coming to an end.

“Several Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants have tested a take-out fee, which is disclosed to guests prior to purchase; however, we are ending the test and will have the fee removed by the end of this summer,” a Buffalo Wild Wings spokesperson says.

Not everyone seems to be outraged by the test, especially when it's only 99 cents.

“If you don’t want to spend a dollar for an extra service then eat at home,” comments u/Lamecat12. “It's a singular dollar, you'll live.”

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