Invaluable Budget Meal Hacks That People Live By

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lazy pasta bake
lazy pasta bake by purpletwinkie (CC BY-NC-ND)

Cheap and Clutch Meals

The cost of living certainly isn't going down. And visits to grocery stores that once might have been welcome events in one's day have caved in on themselves and are now sweaty palm panic attack-inducing outings where we cringe with our eyes closed to avoid staring at the grim total on that store receipt. Don't even start on what eating out at restaurants looks like nowadays. 

This is all why being able to grocery shop and eat out smarter has evolved into a survival trait. So, when we come across a wisdom nugget-filled AskReddit thread like the one we have here that shares some clever budget meal hacks, it's our duty to pass along what we've learned. 


Spaghetti Is Always There in Your Time of Need.

Spaghetti is just one of those timelessly economically efficient meals that not only is cheap to make in terms of the required ingredients, but it can also carry you through the finish line (or next paycheck) with leftovers


Soup Season Is Upon Us, After All.

Lentil soup is top-tier budget food. Plus, soup season is right around the corner. 


Livin' Rich ... in Nutrients.

Just because you're muddling through a time when the financial situation is on the outs doesn't mean that you have to abandon all hope on getting your daily nutrients. Plus, eating healthier will give you the crucial energy boosts you might need for the extra hours at your job(s). 


This Dude Cracked the Code on Proper Meal Budgeting.

There's something especially intriguing about that first meal option. It could be the name itself, or the fact that gravy is one of those "dishes" that is both filling and able to enhance some of the blandest dishes. Like, a dried out turkey, for instance. 

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Oh, You Already Know This Dish Hits Different When It's Cold Outside.

Since when has curry ever not been a great idea? Curry is another one of those dishes that one might assume could be financially out of reach if expenses need to be at an all-time low for a while. 


Maybe a Sleeper Hit Here.

Maybe we've all been collectively sleeping on just how sumptuous a steaming cup 'o noodles paired alongside a soft biscuit could be. Certainly worth giving it a shot. 


Let’s Get a Round of Applause for Kipper Sliders.

We have a chef on our hands here, folks. Maybe one of the most notable redeeming qualities about being broke 'n hungry for a little while, is that that very hunger can go on to inspire combustive acts of pure culinary creativity. Much like what we have here. 

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Meat on Sale, Always Comes Out Victorious.

If you've been on the outs with money for any stint of time you've probably found yourself beelining to the discounted meats section of your local grocery store, if you eat meat, that is. Meat's an easy enough way to pack an otherwise lacking meal with the extra protein. 

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