10 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Awesome Boss


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The hard work of bosses often goes unrecognized. These 10 thoughtful ways to express appreciation will make sure that's corrected before a working relationship ends and someone retires or moves to a different job, and might help make things even better in the workplace right now. Though valid appreciation should be showed year-round, October provides an obvious opportunity: National Boss' Day is Oct. 16.

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Going over the boss' head is almost always a bad idea. But when the boss deserves recognition, consider reaching out to their boss with an email detailing the specific things they do to make the job better.

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The difficulty and stress of a boss' job will often depend on the quality of communication from employees. So show respect by offering direct and honest feedback day-to-day. It will make life easier for everyone.

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The boss has a life outside the office, so why not encourage enjoyment of it by buying tickets to an upcoming event? Whether it's theater, sports, or music, the well-earned break will be appreciated.

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Great bosses go above and beyond. Do the same by offering up what's universally valuable: time. Consider staying late or offering to lend a hand on a project that would free up their time.

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Showing appreciation for bosses publicly can help them feel like hard work isn't going unnoticed. But context is key: Get bosses the recognition they deserve without making it about you by making sure comments are focused appropriately.

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Is the boss passionate about a particular cause? Show gratitude while helping others by pitching in for a donation in their name toward a cause they finds significant.

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Being specific when expressing gratitude communicates a real understanding of a boss' value. Think about the particular things the boss has done to make a job better, and point these out.

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Whether it's a potluck lunch in the office or a meal at a restaurant, it makes for a nice change of pace from day-to-day workplace interactions to treat the boss to lunch. Is there any better reward than a good meal?

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Chances are you know a bit about a boss' interests outside of work. Whether it's marathon running or shredding the guitar, consider pitching in with co-workers to buy the boss a gift that supports those hobbies.

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Is there any simple change to implement that makes a boss' day-to-day job run a bit more smoothly? If so, consider taking the initiative to make the tweak. It'll not only show appreciation, but that you have a solid understanding of the company and her role in it.

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