Boomers' Biggest Qualms With Younger Generations' Perceptions

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Boomer Reddit Cover
Cheapism / Reddit / laflor/istockphoto

Some Folks Have An Especially Hard Time Seeing Eye To Eye.

The reality is that the world has and will continue to change at a rapid pace. Honestly, it seems like the pace is only picking up as we've more recently seen massive tectonic plate-level shifts brought on by developments like the AI boom. 

For the older generations, some of these changes must be disorienting to say the very least. And with all that disorientation can come some pretty wild interactions with the world's younger generations. 

This AskReddit-inspired piece takes a look at various things that the older generations think the younger generations get completely wrong about decades that have since passed. Maybe you'll find yourself nodding your head in silent and appreciative agreement, or perhaps you'll end up getting that much more irritated. 


There Are Some Wildly Obscure Shows Out There.

Nowadays, there are more shows via streaming services as well as all the YouTube series than you could possibly have time in your series of days walking this earth to actually take time to watch. So, to consider the fact that the olden days likely involved more folks tuning into the same programs seems highly likely. 


Oh Yeah, This Checks Out.

If you were/are someone who has regularly struggled with being on time to various events then this will likely hit hard. Oh the devastation that came from not being able to get your affairs in order in time to tune into a program that you'd waited all week to watch. 


An Overwhelming Number Of Options For Just About Everything Nowadays.

With the surges in the volumes of seemingly any product/service that you can dream up has most definitely come a bit of a dilution in terms of the quality of certain things


So, Selfies Weren't A Big Deal Back Then.

It does seem like there are plenty of folks that need to photo-document their various travels as well as their daily mundane activities just to make it known that their clearly living their best lives. 


Glad To Have Seen This Trend Vastly Diminish Over Time.

With the departure of it being so common for so many folks to quite literally puff away in common spaces, has come the introduction of plenty of people instead opting for vapes of all shapes, colors, and sizes. People are naturally divided on whether this is for better or for much worse. 


Okay, But Only If One Has That Kind Of Money To Throw Around.

This seems like it could be a bit of an overstatement. In these inflation-prone times, it's certainly not the case that everyone can just easily replace their broken appliances/miscellaneous products by throwing more money at the problem. 

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Didn't Necessarily See This One Coming.

This is an unexpected hot take, to be sure. You'd think that with the steady evolution of various smartphones would also come the natural improvement of audio quality. 

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Oh, The Lost Simplicity.

Someone wasn't afraid to throw down with a potentially more unpopular opinion, at least amongst the older generations. 


So, Today's Goths Have It Easy Then, Huh?

Kool-Aid hair dye. Halloween is around the corner, after all. 


No Google Maps Back Then. The Humanity.

There is definitely plenty of value in knowing how to get around without your phone to guide you. 


So, Times Have Apparently Always Been Tough Then.

There would definitely seem to be a wide range for various people's experiences navigating the ups and downs of the job market at large. 


Here's To The Grind.

This would seem to be an example of how the struggle endured by various individuals was certainly different.