BMW iX Flow E Ink Color Changing Car


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Your car could soon function as a giant mood ring, changing its color to suit your temperament at the time.

New technology from BMW would allow car owners to switch up their car's color at the touch of a button anytime they like, and it only takes a second to change. This "car-meleon" tech is called E Ink, and it recently made its debut on BMW's new iX Flow model at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a flashy convention known for big — and sometimes outrageous — new product reveals.

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E Ink works by sending electronic signals through the SUV's body wrap. The signals stimulate the wrap, and the technology brings different colors to the surface of the car, making its color shift almost like an octopus changes its shades for camouflage. 

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While the option to change the color of your car on a whim sounds fun, there are also practical applications. For instance, drivers could activate flashing colors to more easily spot their car in a big parking lot, or alert others of a potential road hazard. Of course, it may lend itself to nefarious purposes as well — after all, maybe you need the perfect getaway car.

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