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Even a Casket Company Is Offering a Black Friday Discount

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With Black Friday around the corner, it's time for retailers to slash prices and for consumers to whip out their wallets. But even the most intrepid shopper may hesitate to take advantage of the latest, admittedly ghoulish, deal — $50 off a casket. 

The direct-to-consumer coffin startup Titan Casket is hoping shoppers will take a moment away from snapping up cheap cashmere sweaters and deeply discounted toys to take advantage of the company's pre-planned casket program. Bargain shoppers can pick a casket and lock in pricing. The company will send a pre-planning contract to be, uh, redeemed after death. When the casket is … needed, it ships to the funeral home of choice. The process apparently goes so smoothly that buyers will just wish they were around to see it.

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So, get $50 off for Black Friday, and hopefully, your loved ones will marvel at your thrifty nature. Just unlock the deal on the company's website using the code FUNERALRULE, a reference to the Federal Trade Commission law requiring funeral homes to accept the online seller's cost-conscious caskets. Those casket sellers, they're quite the comedians, aren't they?

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