Massive Rewards Celebrities Have Offered for Lost Pets and More

Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga
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Rewarding Offers

Losing a pet is traumatic enough to loosen purse strings for anyone — but when the person who has lost a pet is a star, sometimes the reward offered to get the little (or big) critter back can be substantial. Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, whose dog Mylo ran away this July 4th after being spooked by fireworks, is offering an undisclosed reward for his safe return. Stars have also offered headline-grabbing rewards for everything from the return of a lost laptop to tips on a killer. Here are stars who offered big rewards to get their companions or stuff returned.

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Jay Cutler
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Jay Cutler

$1,000 for a German Shepherd

The retired NFL quarterback lost his German shepherd Bane shortly after Halloween last year and promptly posted a reward — $1,000 — in the hopes of his return to his Tennessee home. Despite the potential payday, there’s been no news about Bane. 

Mops dog

Brutus the Pug

$1,000 for a Pug

Internet-famous dog Brutus the Pug was lost in 2019, and Facebook followers raised $1,000 as a reward for his return, according to owner Jenny Garza. Even after the reward was boosted to $5,000, Brutus remains missing. 

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Elizabeth Barrett
Wikimedia Commons

Elizabeth Barrett

$1,057 (adjusted for inflation) for a Cocker Spaniel

It turns out that dog napping isn’t a new phenomenon. The poet Elizabeth Barrett had her dog Flush repeatedly stolen, and in 1846 she had had enough. She angrily paid a “reward” (police later determined that the helpful shoemaker who was always available to retrieve lost dogs was simply in on the scheme) that was less than the 10 pound initial demand ($1,300 in current dollars) before running off to Italy to secretly marry fellow poet Robert Browning — and taking her beloved pet with her. Flush died of old age, by Barrett-Browning’s side, in Florence. 


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Martin Clunes
J. Almasi/Getty

Martin Clunes

£2,000 (or $2,575) for a Yoodle

The English actor and star of the U.K. show “Doc Martin” offered up £2,000 ($2,575 in U.S. dollars) in 2016 when a fan’s Yorkie-poodle “yoodle” Pippin was stolen from her house in a smash-and-grab robbery. When he heard about owner Jane Martin’s plight, he made the kind offer, as Pippin, then 15-years-old, also needed daily medication. Sadly, no one brought Pippin forward for the reward. 

Orlando Bloom:
Jacopo Raule/Getty

Orlando Bloom

$5,000 for a Poodle

When one of the poodles “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Orlando Bloom shares with wife, singer Katy Perry, the actor said his heart was “broken” but he didn’t give up hope that Mighty might be found, offering a $5,000 reward and searching their Montecito, California neighborhood to find him. Sadly, after seven days and two search dogs recruited to the mission, Bloom found the dog’s collar and announced he was likely dead. As a tribute to Mighty, Bloom had the dog's name tattooed on his chest.


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Jesse James
Peter Kramer/Getty

Jesse James

$5,000 for a French Bulldog

The “West Coast Choppers” star lost his French bulldog Coco after she  “possibly” escaped through an open gate in his Newport, Rhode Island, home, according to James. His reward offer didn’t result in Coco’s return — but for good reason. It turns out that Coco got accidentally trapped in a vacant house and couldn’t get out. Coco was returned by the local police, no reward necessary. 

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Tory Burch
Peter White/Getty

Tory Burch

$10,000 for a Miniature Poodle

The fashion designer lost her miniature poodle Chicken in New York City, and though she wasn’t eager to post specifics online (she mentioned a “large cash reward,” no questions asked), her specific offer revealed on several posters was $10,000. The good news is that a couple did find Chicken and returned the pup, much to Burch’s relief.

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Paris Hilton:
Chelsea Lauren/Getty

Paris Hilton

$10,000 for a Miniature Pomeranian

It’s good to have an heiress as a friend. The mini-Pomeranian of real estate agent Rayni Romito was stolen from her driveway, inspiring friend Paris Hilton to offer $10,000 for Chucky’s safe return. The dog was ultimately dropped off at Romito’s home, but Hilton didn’t have to pay up — the woman who delivered Chucky just said she “didn’t want any problems” and left according to Romito’s Instagram post

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Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

£10,000 (or $13,145) for a Border Terrier

The toughest judge on “The X Factor” has proven himself to be a big softie — at least when it comes to a tearjerker of a story like this one from 2017. Two-year-old Edward Latter was crushed when his 9-month-old dog Morse went missing and, given that it was early December, he wrote a letter to Santa asking for just one gift: “Dear Father Christmas I just want one present for Christmas this year, my dog Morse back. I’ve been a very good boy all year. Thank you, Edward, aged two and three quarters.” Though Cowell offered the reward anonymously, he was later confirmed as the benefactor. In January, Morse was found by a couple who returned the Border Terrier to the happy toddler’s family. 

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Ray J and Princess Love
Amy Sussman/Getty

Ray J and Princess Love

$20,000 for a Maltese 

After the couple’s 3-year-old Maltese was stolen, the rapper offered a $20,000 reward on social media to get Boogotti back — but his wife was a little more stern in her approach. The “Love and Hip-Hop” star ranted, “We have you and your car on security camera taking our dog. You have 3 days to come forward and collect the $20,000 REWARD… after that we will take action. WITH POLICE AND BLOODHOUNDS.” When a man contacted the pair to return the dog and mentioned the reward, Princess Love confronted him about being involved with the theft. He quickly ran away, leaving the dog — but without the money.

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Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge

$30,000 (allegedly) for a Pomeranian

The Liverpool soccer player, now living in Los Angeles, posted to social media that he would pay whatever it took to get his Pomeranian Lucci returned. While a rapper by the name of Killa Fame returned the dog, no reward was forthcoming — resulting in a number of irate posts by Fame, whose real name is Foster Washington.

Harold Matzner
Vivien Killilea/Getty

Harold Matzner and Michael Levine:

$125,000 for a Tip to Find a Murderer

Publicist Michael Levine and Harold Matzner, the head of the Palm Springs Film Festival, offered $125,000 for a tip that might lead the Beverly Hills Police to a killer. Their friend Ronni Chasen had been shot in her car, and there was no physical evidence linking the murder to a suspect (plus her Prada purse was left on the driver’s seat, untouched). Although a tip led to ex-convict Harold Smith, who’d shot himself two weeks after Chasen’s death, the reward was never paid — resulting in a lawsuit.

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Lady Gaga
Michael Stewart/Getty

Lady Gaga

$500,000 for Two French Bulldogs

The “Poker Face” singer has a more traumatic story to tell than most about her lost French bulldogs, Gustav and Koji. Her dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was shot in the chest while taking the dogs out by dognappers who ran off with the pets. Surprisingly, the story has a happy ending — not only did Fischer recover, but the dogs were turned in to the Los Angeles Police Department by a woman who found them and was not associated with the criminals or the plot.

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Ryan Leslie
Johnny Nunez/Getty

Ryan Leslie

$1,000,000 for a Laptop

The R&B musician lost his laptop and took to YouTube with a plea — anyone who got it back to him would receive $20,000. Soon, a desperate Leslie offered $1 million, posting on Twitter: “I’m absolutely continuing my Euro tour plus raised the reward for my intellectual property to $1mm.” That appeared to be the magic number and the laptop was returned — but according to a lawsuit filed against the musician, he never coughed up the reward. 

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