Here's How Much a Big Mac Cost the Year You Were Born

big mac

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big mac
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Big Money

Since its creation in 1967, the Big Mac has been synonymous with McDonald's menu. The double patties, special sauce, and sesame seed bun are famous at this point. But as fast-food prices have changed, so has the price of the Big Mac itself.

Curious what the price of such a popular item was when you were born? Here's what a Big Mac cost every decade.

San Bernardino McDonalds.
San Bernardino McDonalds. by Cogart Strangehill (None)
McDonalds Store Number 1

The '70s

Average price: 65 cents

Adjusted for inflation: $5.17

According to a McDonald's menu photo from the '70s, Big Macs were still under a dollar. 

McDonald's Restaurant
joebelanger / istockphoto
1993 mcdonalds menu
1993 mcdonalds menu by Travis (CC BY)
mcdonalds menu from the 2000s
mcdonalds menu from the 2000s by A.Currell (CC BY-NC)
illustration of big mac and fries
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The 2010s

Average price: $4.19

Adjusted for inflation: $5.55

Everything changed for fast food in the 2010s. In 2013, Big Macs were already all the way up to $4.19.

McDonald's Big Mac


By 2020, the average price of a Big Mac was $4.89, and between the pandemic and now, it's risen. My local Mickey D's has 'em for five bucks, and almost nine if you want the combo.