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GiveBest Portable Space Heater

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Whether it’s frigid outside or your body has a natural tendency to run cold, a reliable space heater is one way to keep cozy while hanging out at home, working in an office, or road-tripping in an RV. For an affordable, safe, and user-friendly option, look to this portable electric space heater, a workhorse with more than 37,000 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Quiet and compact, GiveBest’s ceramic heater features three easy-to-use settings: “fan,” which emits cool air; “I,” which produces heat at 750 watts; and “II,” which produces heat at 1,500 watts. A temperature knob allows users to adjust the heat from 0 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit, giving the heater the ability to warm up to 200 square feet of space at a time. Worried about leaving it unattended? The appliance’s built-in safety functions allow it to automatically turn off if it overheats or accidentally tips over. 

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Portable HeaterPhoto credit: Amazon
Available in black and silver, the heater features an indicator light that reminds users to unplug it when it’s not needed. And those who plan to use it in the bedroom needn’t worry about noise: While some heaters produce a loud whirring sound while operating, this lightweight space heater runs below 45 decibels. 

More than 70% of reviewers have rated GiveBest’s space heater 5 stars, calling out the device’s simple safety features and versatility, and many noted that they purchased a second one after experiencing success with their initial purchase. One reviewer writes that “this thing packs a punch,” while another comments that it saves “pennies on the dollar.”

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“This unit does exactly what you'd want,” raves one reviewer. “It heats up instantly and then the fan spreads the heat such that you feel heat almost instantly even 12-15 feet away. It is very, very quiet, the safety control works great, and it's very easy to use.” 

Another 5-star reviewer had success using it in a trailer on a camping trip. “Where we were camping, at first it was with a sunny blue sky. Overnight it got cold and snowed. We packed accordingly but it was still a bit chilly. Luckily this little heater was with us. We plugged it in and within about 30 minutes, our whole trailer was nice and warm.”

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To counteract a heavily air-conditioned office, another reviewer found relief after purchasing this heater. 

“My office is obnoxiously over air-conditioned, and I finally broke down and purchased this little space heater after reading all of the reviews,” the reviewer writes, giving the heater 5 stars. “This is as good or better [than what] other 5-star reviews have said. Believe the hype! My office is usually known as the coldest in the office space, and now people come in and comment on how nice and warm it is.”

To secure your own reliable heat source, head to Amazon to order GiveBest’s portable electric space heater.

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