These Are the 10 Best Places To Shop on Black Friday, According to Discount Data

Black Friday Illustration

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Black Friday Illustration
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Black Friday Bargains

As we approach this year's Black Friday, the question on everyone's mind is: where are the best bargains? WalletHub's comprehensive survey of over 3,500 deals from 13 major U.S. retailers offers insights. This article will delve into their findings, highlighting the stores with the most substantial discounts so that you can maximize your Black Friday savings.


1. JCPenney

Average Discount: 59.10%

JCPenney probably isn’t top of mind when you think about Black Friday. But according to WalletHub’s analysis, the department store has the steepest average discounts, with especially good deals on apparel and accessories.  


2. Macy's

Average Discount: 58.20%

Macy’s is another old-school retailer that might go overlooked in today’s e-commerce-dominated landscape — and yet, the long-standing department store is a close second to JCPenney. Macy’s dominates when it comes to packaged goods, toys, and furniture.

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Belk Store
Belk Store by Mike Kalasnik (CC BY-SA)

3. Belk

Average Discount: 54.80%

Although West Coasters may not have heard of Belk — most stores are located in the South —  the department store has excellent Black Friday deals. According to WalletHub, it’s the best place to shop for appliances, though it also boasts competitive makeup, perfume, and shampoo prices.

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Kohl's by Mike Kalasnik (CC BY-SA)

4. Kohl’s

Average Discount: 48.80%

When you think of tech products, you don’t think of Kohl’s. However, the department store is offering the best Black Friday deals on computers and phones this year. That’s on top of a respectable 48% average discount.

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5. Target

Average Discount: 32.70%

Target, one of the largest retailers on this list, isn’t a leader in any category. That said, you can still find top-tier deals on furniture, and with an average discount of over 30%, most of the Black Friday discounts will be worth your time at this store.

BJ's Wholesale Club, Revere, MA
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6. BJ's

Average Discount: 30.10%

BJ’s deserves kudos for being the only warehouse store to make this list, earning high marks across the computer, phones, and furniture categories. Avoid the retailer for apparel and accessory purchases, however, as the discounts were far below the overall average.

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Best Buy
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7. Best Buy

Average Discount: 29.80%

You’d think Best Buy would have the best deals on consumer electronics, but the tech retailer did best when it came to computers and phones, coming in second place behind Kohl’s.


8. Amazon

Average Discount: 28.50%

The e-commerce giant just barely made this list of best Black Friday retailers, though it failed to lead any category. If you must shop from Amazon (we know it’s convenient), then you’ll find the steepest discounts on tech and consumer packaged goods, such as makeup, shampoo, and perfume.

Walmart in Pittsburgh Suburb

9. Walmart

Average Discount: 26.90%

Walmart, another giant retailer, finds itself on the bottom of the list, offering an average discount of around 27% across its product offerings. This year, you’ll find that the best deals are on apparel and accessories, with discounts averaging 52.42%.

Exterior view of Dell Technologies office building, on street with palm and green trees.
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10. Dell

Average Discount: 25.80%

Surprisingly, it’s Dell — and not Costco, The Home Depot, or Newegg — that rounds out our list of the ten best Black Friday retailers. Although the company did not break the top five in any category, its average discount on computers allowed it to just barely make this list.