The Best Restaurant Biscuits in Every State

Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits


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Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits

Biscuit Perfection

The perfect biscuit, for many people across the country, is not easy to come by. From the Pacific Northwest to the South, people revere biscuit recipes, only tweaking them when absolutely necessary. In this big old biscuity world of ours there are just so many options out there. That’s why we took a look at every U.S. state and Washington, D.C., and found the best biscuits. Check out these tasty options featuring everything from added hatch green chilies to biscuits used as the foundations of French toast.

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Meacham’s Family Restaurant, Alabama - biscuit
William T./Yelp

Alabama: Biscuit King


There is no region in America where biscuits are taken more seriously than the South, so for biscuits to stand out in Alabama they have to be something special. Not too far from Mobile, you’ll find Biscuit King living up to its name in Fairhope, where people drive for miles for the titular baked goods. Buttermilk blueberry biscuits, cheese-stuffed biscuits, and many more choices await you in this biscuit kingdom.

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Alaska: Biscuitclub
Sushant Z./Yelp

Alaska: Biscuitclub


Any place called Biscuitclub should speak for itself. The big ticket item at this Anchorage spot is (surprise), a homemade biscuit, topped with everything from gravy and candied bacon to furikake and reindeer sausage. Skilled baristas are at the ready in their full-service cafe, making Biscuitclub an excellent alternative brunch spot. 

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Arizona: Bisbee Breakfast Club
Denise T./Yelp

Arizona: Bisbee Breakfast Club


Spend any time in Bisbee and it won’t be hard to find a local who swears that Bisbee Breakfast Club is the single best breakfast in town. This is thanks in large part to the massive homemade biscuits that have made them so famous, drenched in rich gravy. Make sure there are plenty of them on your table.

Meacham’s Family Restaurant, Arkansas - biscuit

Arkansas: Meacham’s Family Restaurant

Ash Flat

Though Little Rock tends to hoard most of the culinary acclaim that Arkansas garners, you’ll find Ash Flat just about two hours north and right under the Missouri border. Since 1979, Meacham’s has been serving up Southern comfort out of their family-owned restaurant. Fried chicken, steaks, and burgers are always available, but with one of Meacham’s bread loaf-sized biscuits, you’ll barely need anything else at all, especially if it’s swimming in that family-recipe gravy.

California: Proof Bakery - biscuit
Fatima S./Yelp

California: Proof Bakery

Los Angeles

Na Young Ma does incredible things at her Atwater Village bakery, which has proven itself to be a crucial staple of the neighborhood despite the ever-growing amount of trendy openings along Glendale Boulevard. French-style sandwiches and almond financiers draw hordes of customers daily, yet it’s when the baker decides to put out her special gruyère and chive biscuits that the real magic starts.

Colorado: Dot’s Diner - biscuit
Karen M./Yelp

Colorado: Dot’s Diner


It’s all about that outer crunch at Dot’s Diner in Boulder. The immensely famous biscuits have been pulling people in for over 40 years. After the crackly exterior gives way to the fluffy, buttery dough inside, that success makes a whole lot of sense. Lots of sauce left over from your huevos rancheros? We can think of the perfect pastry to sop it up.

Connecticut: Bella’s Cafe - bicsuit
Jess L./Yelp

Connecticut: Bella’s Cafe

New Haven

It’s no mystery why breakfast is served all day long at Bella’s Cafe. Owner Rose Foote is the third in a generation of family cooks, and her fluffy buttermilk biscuits are all the proof you’ll ever need. Sweet, salty, flaky, and every other biscuit buzz word live in each bite. Don’t leave without one.

The Starboard, Delaware - biscuit
Lauren R./Yelp


The Starboard, Dewey Beach

It’d be hard to avoid The Starboard in any conversation about where to brunch in Dewey Beach. Live music, an abundance of locals, and raucous Sunday Fundays are the lifeblood of the restaurant — just ask any of its die-hard fans. The drinks flow heavily at The Starboard, and the infamous Hangover Helper will call you back the next day for a bowl of homemade buttermilk biscuits, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, cheese, and, obviously, sausage gravy.

District of Columbia: Timber Pizza - biscuit
Angela P./Yelp

District of Columbia: Timber Pizza

There are plenty of traditional oven-baked biscuits throughout the country, so leave it to our nation’s capital to host the geniuses behind Timber Pizza. Wood-fired biscuits are the heartbeat of the breakfast menu, baked with za’atar, salt, and served with butter, jam, eggs, cheese, bacon, or veggies. Biscuit heaven is alive in D.C.

Crackers Southern Dining Biscuits
Yelp / Kim S.

Florida: Crackers Southern Dining

Miami Springs

This eatery serves breakfast on weekends with a side of southern hospitality. Try biscuits with honey, always a classic, but bacon jam might be a perfect indulgence, too.

Georgia: Buttermilk Kitchen - biscuit
Figue F./Yelp

Georgia: Buttermilk Kitchen


Biscuits are splattered all across the menu at Atlanta’s Buttermilk Kitchen. Grab a Biscuit Basket with blueberry-basil jam, red pepper jelly, and Banner butter — maybe even a chicken biscuit and some sawmill gravy — and shake your head with a wry smile as you see Guy Fieri’s signature hanging on the wall above you. When was the last time one of his recommendations let you down?

Hawaii: Slappy Cakes - biscuit
Jess M./Yelp

Hawaii: Slappy Cakes


People may suggest that Slappy Cakes exists for the sole purpose of a kid-friendly breakfast spot. Those people haven’t looked into the menu closely enough. While making pancakes at your table with a tiny griddle has all the fun of a hotel continental breakfast, it’s the biscuits & gravy that you’re here for. Baked fresh daily, they’re begging to sit next to some candied bacon, drenched with Slappy Cakes’ unbeatable sausage gravy.

Idaho: Big City Coffee - biscuit
Anthony L./Yelp

Idaho: Big City Coffee


Nonsensically large portions help catapult Big City Coffee to the head of the Boise breakfast scene, but there’s no doubt that the homemade biscuits smothered in country gravy, and topped with bacon are doing the rest of the work. More of a sandwich fan? The structural integrity of these biscuits are top-notch, so they’ll hook you up with a breakfast sandwich — and they’ll be happy to top it with gravy, too.

Illinois: Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits - biscuit
Jayson D./Yelp

Illinois: Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits


Mid-Western cooking traditions are alive and well in Chicago at Bang-Bang Pie & Biscuits. What started as a food truck eventually became a bakery sensation, and the two shops in Logan Square and Ravenswood have carved a name for themselves as some of the best biscuits in the country. Smother them how you will, be it with honey butter, strawberry jam, pimento cheese, pepper jelly, sawmill gravy, peach habanero jam, or anything else owner Michael Ciapciak can think of.

Indiana: Milktooth - biscuit
Tammy L./Yelp

Indiana: Milktooth


When a breakfast cafe refers to itself as a “fine diner,” it usually means you’re in safe hands. Milktooth in the Fletcher Place neighborhood of Indianapolis is exactly that. Jonathan Brooks’ biscuits are a knockout, ranging from rustic and homey to upscale and chefy. A classic sausage biscuit is hard to beat, but don’t steer away from options like sour cream & pumpkin, blue cheese & sour cream, or cheddar rye.

Iowa: PerKup Cafe - biscuit
Ronald P./Yelp

Iowa: PerKup Cafe

Des Moines

Even after upgrading the 40 seat cafe in Urbandale and moving to West Des Moines, PerKup Cafe is dedicated to quality, serving breakfast and lunch from scratch. You’ll find more than a few locals who swear that PerKup’s biscuits and gravy are the best they’ve ever had — fluffy, moist, dripping with peppery sausage gravy, and topped with two eggs.

Kansas: Doo Dah Diner - biscuit
Shawn R./Yelp

Kansas: Doo Dah Diner


If at any point you’re eating biscuits and gravy and you happen to notice the adjacent wall adorned with an enormous sign that reads, “I love you like Biscuits & Gravy,” you’ve probably come to the right place. Doo Dah is all about love in every bite, and if that means dropping freshly-baked biscuits on top of hash browns or country fried steak, so be it. You’ll be wanting a full order — leftovers will be a welcome sight the next day.

Kentucky: Doodles - biscuit
Courtney P./Yelp

Kentucky: Doodles


For 13 years, Doodles has been a thriving part of the NoLi neighborhood of Lexington. It’s found an excuse to stick a biscuit on the side of a great many of their menu options, and that should be your first hint not to skip one. Whether you drown it in gravy, use it to mop up your shrimp and grits, or grab hold of it as a breakfast sandwich, Doodles won’t let you down.

Louisiana: GW Fins - biscuit
Deana M./Yelp

Louisiana: GW Fins

New Orleans

When it comes to baking in a city like New Orleans, there are about 200 different directions to turn your head at once. Perhaps it’s fitting then, that the best biscuits in Louisiana might be found at one of The Big Easy’s premiere seafood restaurants. Despite the acclaim that fish has received here, the simple fact remains that many people are here for the very first thing that hits the table: biscuits. “I’d come back for the biscuits alone” might as well go on the GW Fins family crest, and the recipe has been replicated in countless cooking magazines. If you’re in New Orleans, stop in and experience the hype.

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Maine: 2 Cats - biscuit
DawnMarie R./Yelp

Maine: 2 Cats

Mount Desert Island

Thanks to a buzzing location and hardworking kitchen that serves up about 400 breakfasts a day, 2 Cats has made a name for itself as not only some of the best breakfast in Maine, but some of the best breakfast in all of New England. These accolades would be nothing without the signature fluffy buttermilk biscuits and strawberry butter. Though there’s nothing basic about that fruity, buttery goodness, if you need something a little less run-of-the-mill, go for the Catspaws, baked with brown sugar, cinnamon, and nuts.

Maryland: MoCo’s Founding Farmers - biscuit
Heather H./Yelp

Maryland: MoCo’s Founding Farmers


Michael Vucurevich and Dan Simons, the restaurateurs behind Founding Farmers, say that all great food starts with great ingredients, and one look at the menu at this eatery proves just how much they believe that. Even the specialty North Dakota flour gets a shoutout, but how could it not? It’s the basis of their legendary buttermilk biscuits, delivered crumbly and warm with house jam and unctuous honey butter.

Massachusetts: Biscuits
Mia K./Yelp

Massachusetts: Biscuits

Oak Bluffs

Since 2002, Biscuits has been a family-owned hang. You’ll never believe it, but the flaky, layery treat the Oak Bluffs breakfast and lunch spot takes its name from is in a league of its own. While “Top Chef” alum Tiffani Faison’s Sweet Cheeks Q tends to dominate the great Massachusetts biscuit debate, there are plenty who swear by Biscuits — especially its sensational take on pigs in a blanket.

Michigan: Iva’s Chicken Dinners - biscuit
Greg B./Yelp

Michigan: Iva’s Chicken Dinners


There’s so much to love about Iva’s Chicken Dinners, which has been serving Sterling, Michigan since 1938. It’s especially magical when the centerpiece of a restaurant is something like fried chicken, but can build a legacy around one of its sides. Never without that hot-and-fresh-out-of-the-oven feeling, the fried chicken is pure bliss, but you just might leave Iva’s with the fondest memories of the biscuit.

Minnesota: The Buttered Tin
Michael U./Yelp

Minnesota: The Buttered Tin

St. Paul

A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, owner/Pastry Chef Alicia Hinez has won Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” more than a few times, and when you taste her pastries, it makes a lot of sense. Her long, rectangular biscuits stand out immediately, and that’s before you realize they’re baked with thyme. Any trip to St. Paul without a sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich on a biscuit at The Buttered Tin is a wasted one.

Mississippi: District Donuts Sliders Brew
Rachel L./Yelp

Mississippi: District Donuts Sliders Brew


Fed up with the classics? Need something more innovative than biscuits and gravy? That’s fair. It’s a good thing that you are now aware of District Donuts Sliders Brew in Jackson, Mississippi. The donuts are unsurprisingly powerful, but in this great, big multiverse of ours there is no universe where you should leave without the signature biscuit masterpiece: the Hot Honey Butter French Toast Biscuit, served with a juicy piece of fried chicken in the middle. Winner winner chicken dinner (er, brunch).

Missouri: Succotash - biscuit
Reed N./Yelp

Missouri: Succotash

Kansas City

In a world of savory, meaty gravy, it’s nice to know there’s a place like Succotash. The Kansas City cafe has been serving love in breakfast form since 2001, and though it slings biscuits and gravy with the standard sausage option, it’s the mushroom gravy that will keep you coming back. The perfect compliment to the light, airy, house-made biscuits, a full order is a must.

Montana: Feed Cafe
Jeff L./Yelp

Montana: Feed Cafe


Feed Cafe owners Serena Rundberg and Nick Gabriel have dedicated themselves to the prosperity of the Gallatin Valley. Sourcing their ingredients from local artisans and farmers, the owners’ care can be tasted in every bite at Feed Cafe. The menu runs in a lot of fun, creative directions, but the cheddar scallion biscuits with chorizo gravy are the lifeblood that feeds (pun only semi-intended) the cafe clientele.

Nebraska: Saddle Creek Breakfast Club
Sarah K./Yelp

Nebraska: Saddle Creek Breakfast Club


Though at first the menu at Saddle Creek Breakfast Club might read like a traditional diner, a closer glance shows there’s more beneath the surface. Omaha’s justifiably popular daytime cafe serves up beautifully plated, farm-driven fare. The signature? You guessed it — biscuits and gravy. Kicked up a notch by delicate crème fraîche biscuits and runny chorizo gravy, the biscuits are a clear standout.

Nevada: Biscuits & Bourbon
Todd M./Yelp

Nevada: Biscuits & Bourbon


What do you do once you’ve perfected biscuit-baking? That’s what the small, startup-restaurant group behind Biscuits & Bourbon has asked itself, and the answer is a beautiful one. Surrounding the delicious biscuits the restaurant takes its name from is a menu made of incredible jams and spreads (think apple cider caramel butter, orange blossom honey, and apple bacon jam), crafted cocktails, and smaller, shareable plates. Who says biscuits can’t bring people together?

New Hampshire: Polly’s Pancake Parlor - biscuit
Gary G./Yelp

New Hampshire: Polly’s Pancake Parlor

Sugar Hill

There really isn’t any other place like Sugar Hill and as such, there really isn’t any restaurant like Polly’s Pancake Parlor. The wooden, barn-like building has been a lynchpin of the community for over 80 years. While pancakes are indeed its shining star, Polly’s puts the rest of New Hampshire to shame in the biscuit department, baking treats like cheddar, maple bacon, and more. No elevated, fine-dining restaurant can bring the grounded, down-home love to baking biscuits that Polly’s can. Set your sights on the specials board and order whatever variety is being baked that day.

New Jersey: My Kitchen Witch - biscuit
Katey G./Yelp

New Jersey: My Kitchen Witch

Monmouth Beach

Chef/Owner Karyn Jarmer won’t let you get away with ordering eggs without one of her biscuits on the side, and that pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Every dish comes with one, along with My Kitchen Witch’s locally-beloved strawberry butter. Jarmer’s amorphous, Pillsbury-esque biscuits are stunners. If you can’t get ‘em hot and fresh out of the oven, they taste nearly as good to-go when you’re kicking back on the Jersey Shore.

New Mexico: Stripes Biscuits & Burritos
Tommy P./Yelp

New Mexico: Stripes Biscuits & Burritos


In Albuquerque it’s not too hard to find a restaurant cooking with the statewide obsession, hatch green chiles. What is hard is finding a restaurant that incorporates them into the biscuit game as seamlessly as Stripes Biscuits & Burritos. While it does the typical biscuits and gravy, it’s the Green Chile Cheddar Shredded Pork sandwich that can’t be missed. Grab one as soon as you can, served on a tasty, sturdy biscuit with house slow-cooked pork, green chile, and cheddar.

New York: Pies ‘N Thighs - biscuit
Michael Z./Yelp

New York: Pies ‘N Thighs


Though its beginnings as a storage closet in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge is as Brooklyn as can be, Pies ‘N Thighs is still magical. Owners Sarah Sanneh and Carolyn Bane have absolutely mastered the chicken-and-biscuit game, baking biscuits that absorb moisture and flavor inside and manage to stay crispy and intact on the outside. The menu is essentially flawless, but you’re here for fried chicken and biscuits — no need to overcomplicate things.

North Carolina: Biscuit Head
Tran N./Yelp

North Carolina: Biscuit Head


Because of the southern dedication to biscuit perfection, it can be hard to find variety in style. Biscuit Head has found a way around this problem by starting from the ground up — it has built an exciting menu around biscuits without having to sacrifice tradition. Mimosa-brined chicken thighs, fried green tomatoes, five styles of gravy (the red-eye, with country ham drippings and espresso is not to be missed), a bevy of jams, and jalapeño pimento cheese are perfect decorations for the perfect biscuit.

North Dakota: Kroll’s Diner - biscuit
Tore M./Yelp

North Dakota: Kroll’s Diner


On one hand you’ve got a family-style German restaurant, and on the other hand you’ve got a North Dakota diner that’s been running since the 70s, and on a third hand (you’re Dr. Octopus in this scenario) you’ve got southern-style biscuits & gravy. Kroll’s Diner is a strange, wonderful mashup of all these things. Even though its claim to fame is a German soup, it’s impossible to ignore that almost everything on the breakfast menu has an option for biscuits and gravy as a side dish.

Ohio: Lucky’s Cafe - biscuit
Jessica P./Yelp

Ohio: Lucky’s Cafe


Featured on both “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” and “The Best Thing I Ever Ate,” the biscuits and gravy at Lucky’s Cafe are as iconic as it gets. Like an extremely juiced-up Red Lobster biscuit, the biscuits at Lucky’s are also cooked with cheddar and scallion. Add to it the deep, rich gravy and soft scrambled eggs, this is an umami-bomb breakfast not to miss.

Oklahoma: The Pioneer Woman Mercantile - biscuit
Mallori B./Yelp

Oklahoma: The Pioneer Woman Mercantile


Ree Drummond, host of Food Network’s “Pioneer Woman” has built herself a bit of a temple in Pawhuska, and it’s solidified itself as an unskippable Oklahoma destination. In addition to being a shopping haven, the restaurant is pure country-love cooking, and the universally adored biscuits are the center of it all. The semi-salty biscuits are flawless with Drummond’s signature butter and jam.

Oregon: Pine State Biscuits
Zackary L./Yelp

Oregon: Pine State Biscuits


While it brings us no pleasure to shout out a chain, there is just no way around the fact that Pine State Biscuits is as terrific as it gets. It’s doing all kinds of things with biscuits, from breakfast sandwiches and gravies to collard greens and fried chicken. That long line? It’s worth it.

Pennsylvania: Auntie’s Biscuits
Justin B./Yelp

Pennsylvania: Auntie’s Biscuits


“All sandwiches are served on a biscuit,” the menu at Auntie’s proudly states (including the burgers), and it makes sense. The specialty egg rolls are reasonably distracting, but make sure you’re not walking out the door without the eponymous biscuit, even if it’s not in sandwich form. They’re perfect on their own.

Irregardless Biscuit
Yelp / Steve M.

Rhode Island: Irregardless Biscuit


Right now this is still a pop-up, but already people are coming back every weekend to Irregardless Biscuit. Try the chicken with hot honey biscuit or just go for classic sausage gravy.

South Carolina: Vicious Biscuit

South Carolina: Vicious Biscuit

Mount Pleasant 

The first thing you’ll notice about a biscuit at Vicious Biscuit is the flakiness — from there, it’s a tossup. Maybe your eyes will dart to the monstrously delicious ingredients spilling out (like crispy fried chicken, shrimp and grits, or Thai chili slaw), or maybe they’ll fixate on the differences in color between the crispy, flaky, outer layer and the soft, lighter inside. No matter what you notice first, the best part is still ahead of you: the first bite.

South Dakota: Josiah’s Coffeehouse and Cafe - biscuit

South Dakota: Josiah’s Coffeehouse and Cafe

Sioux Falls

Over the past 10 years, Josiah’s has made its way onto any food-loving South Dakotan’s bucket list. With floods of reviewers calling out the best biscuits and gravy they’d ever had, no breakfast tour of Sioux Falls should be without Josiah’s.

Tennessee: The Loveless Cafe - biscuit
Katie F./Yelp

Tennessee: The Loveless Cafe


Any restaurant that brands itself as “Nashville’s biscuit since 1951” is worth looking into during a proper biscuit quest. Seventy years of southern food from scratch has placed The Loveless Cafe firmly in the all-timers list, so lean into the most southern flavors the menu has to offer and top your biscuits with things like gravy, country ham, pimento cheese, and fried green tomatoes.

Texas: Biscuits & Groovy
Danna T./Yelp

Texas: Biscuits & Groovy


There is simply no time to mess around at Biscuits & Groovy in Austin. The menu won’t let you; your options are biscuits, biscuits, and more biscuits. Its multiple buttermilk biscuit options come topped with city-famous white pepper gravy and it offers tasty breakfast upgrades like bacon, sausage, melty cheese, and chives.

Utah: Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade
Carmen L./Yelp

Utah: Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade

Salt Lake City

Even the most passing of glances at the Yelp & TripAdvisor reviews for Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade will dispell any doubts you might have about the quality of said biscuits. Sweet Lake has a dedicated team of biscuit bakers, pumping them out fresh daily and stuffing them with homemade Hollandaise, slow-cooked pork, quinoa potato hash, and more. And do you even need to be told to wash it down with some fresh limeade?

August First biscuit
Yelp / Robert C.

Vermont: August First


Get your biscuits griddled or non-griddled at August First, but don't skip the beloved maple biscuit. There are breakfast sandwiches and skillets, but don't plan to work there — this is a laptop-free environment.

Virginia: Saison Market - biscuit
LeAn H./Yelp

Virginia: Saison Market


One of Richmond’s most delightful neighborhood cafes, Saison Market has garnered a fiercely loyal following thanks to top-tier biscuits served with hearty gravy and some of the best fried chicken Richmond has to offer. Saison’s signature chicken biscuit is the move here, full of flaky, crunchy, salty happiness.

Washington: Biscuit Bitch
Michelle L./Yelp

Washington: Biscuit Bitch


Any food-focused trip to Seattle will inevitably lead you to Pike Place. Duck under the fish being thrown across the infamous market and head into Biscuit Bitch for a true dose of southern cooking in the PNW. Gravy concoctions, sandwiches, and more feature gigantic, fluffy biscuits and never manage to feel too heavy no matter how hard you dress them up… so don’t sleep on the cheesy garlic grits.

West Virginia: Black Sheep Burrito and Brews - biscuit
Faith A./Yelp

West Virginia: Black Sheep Burrito and Brews


In a state dominated by a chain biscuit powerhouse, Black Sheep Burrito and Brews is a restaurant we’re grateful for. Brunch is always a delightful experience here, made even more so if you’ve got a French Toasted Biscuit on the table made with whiskey cream, sunny eggs, sausage patties, candied pecans, and piquin-orange syrup.

Wisconsin: Honeypie Cafe
Scott P./Yelp

Wisconsin: Honeypie Cafe


As the name would imply, pie is the backbone of Milwaukee’s Honeypie Cafe. That goes for pot pie as well, so to ignore their showstopping Chicken + Biscuit Pie — made with farm chicken, bell pepper, roasted corn, potato, and topped with wonderfully crumbly buttermilk biscuit — would be a huge mistake.

Wyoming: Bubba’s Bar-B-Que - biscuit
Angelica W./Yelp

Wyoming: Bubba’s Bar-B-Que


People go to Jackson Hole for many reasons, but don’t discount Bubba’s as one of them. The menu is a beautiful collision of Mexican fare, southern BBQ, and soul food, and right in the middle of it all are Bubba’s famous biscuits. Top them with gravy, dip them in barbecue sauce, sop up the last of the salsa and melted cheese — there’s no way to mess things up.