Our 7 Favorite Things To Buy From the Publix Bakery

publix bakery

Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

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publix bakery
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

Bakery Blessings

The Publix deli and hot bar area is packed full of stunners; this we already know. It should come as no surprise, then, that the Publix bakery section is also a showstopper — why do you think people are always leaving the store with shopping carts full of cakes? It’s a wide and intimidating bakery in there, but have no fear: I'll guide you through the hits. Here’s what you need to get from the bakery at Publix.

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publix bakery cakes
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism


Let’s start with the obvious. There’s a reason Publix sells so many of these. We’re talking Chantilly cakes, we’re talking buttercream cakes, we’re talking hazelnut cakes. The works. Often priced under $15, there aren't many better options for the cost, so skip paying three digits for an artisanal cake and give somebody a true gift: a Publix bakery cake.

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publix bakery muffins
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism


Here’s a little fact about me: I love muffins. Love 'em big, love 'em small, love 'em all kinds of ways. It’s rare when I meet a muffin I don’t love. I’ll even suffer through a bad hotel breakfast bran muffin situation if I need to. The Publix muffins are a delight, made in both mini and regular sizes. You want cornbread? You want chocolate chip? You want blueberry? Publix has it all.

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publix bakery cupcake
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism


With everything from seasonal colors of the month to classic sprinkles, there’s always a sizable array of cupcakes to pick from at Publix. You can find chocolate, vanilla, and even cream cheese icing. All of them are delicious.

publix bakery donuts
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism


Look, they’re not Krispy Kreme, OK? Nothing is. You can, however, get a six-pack for $4.50. With glazed and chocolate iced doughnuts available — and cinnamon rolls, too! — you have an easy roadmap towards being the hero of the office tomorrow morning.

publix bakery cookies
Wilder Shaw / Cheapism


How does 24 cookies for $4 sound? Like a dream? Be it sugar cookies, chocolate chip, M&Ms, or snickerdoodles, these things are dangerous. If you are an uncontrollable snacker like myself, you might want to just stick with a baker’s dozen.

publix bakery bread
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If the best thing at Publix is a sub, then the second best thing at Publix is a two-pack of sub rolls. At only $3, you can whip up some top-notch sandwiches at home with the power of Publix bread. Not here for sub rolls? That’s troubling to me, but Pub’s has a lot more than that, including gigantic house-baked baguettes, cinnamon bread, burger buns, and more. 

publix bakery pie
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You won’t see Publix selling a pie for over $7, and that’s a beautiful thing. Grab a favorite like Dutch apple or wild blueberry, bring it home for dessert, and watch your household light up. There are not many gifts like the gift of pie. Let Publix assist you with that.