Everyday Tasks Can Be Difficult
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Products That Are Just For Lefties

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Everyday Tasks Can Be Difficult
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Let's face it: We live in a right-handed world. From hygiene and handbags to sports equipment and scissors, lefties learn early that many products are often not designed with them in mind. Today, however, just about everything can go both ways -- and you don't have to spend a fortune to get the gear that's built for the other half. Here are some of the most useful products made for lefties.

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Strata Golf LH Strata Complete Set W/Bag Graph/Steel (Left Handed)
Courtesy of rockbottomgolf.com


$199 | Buy it on Rock Bottom Golf
So you want to get into golf, but you're learning that entry-level lefty clubs aren't exactly easy to come by. Well, your search may be coming to an end. Earning 4.5 out of 5 stars, virtually all reviewers sing the praises of this Strata complete set as being an excellent full set for beginners. It comes with a bag to tote the steel and graphite club collection, which includes three woods, 6-PW irons and a putter.

Fiskars Softgrip Scissors
Courtesy of amazon.com


$10.99 | Buy it at Office Depot
Scissors have been the bane of lefty existence since humans first began cutting paper. You, however, can end that frustrating tradition with these Fiskars brand scissors with Softgrip technology. The eight-inch, all-purpose scissors feature corrosion-proof stainless steel blades and a lifetime limited warranty.

Lefty's The Left Hand Store Left Handed Manual Can Opener
Courtesy of amazon.com


$19.95 | Buy it on Amazon
Right up there with scissors on the list of daily lefty frustrations is the manual can opener -- but not any more. This manual can opener rotates counterclockwise with the stronger left hand turning the crank. Even better, it comes with a built-in bottle opener.

Rogue RG-624 Left-Handed Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
Courtesy of guitarcenter.com


$89.99 | Buy it at Guitar Center
What do Paul McCartney and Kurt Cobain have in common? They're both guitar geniuses who you may never would have heard of had someone not introduced them to a left-handed instrument. This acoustic RG-624 features inlaid body binding, a spruce top and a rating of 4.6 stars out of five. It's well-priced for a left-handed guitar -- often more expensive than righties -- though there's no guarantee of rock stardom.

Corona BP 6340 Forged Aluminum Bypass Pruner
Courtesy of amazon.com


$27.87 | Buy it on Amazon
Does your green thumb happen to be on your left hand? This pruner by Corona is lightweight, but can snip branches up to an inch thick. It features a non-clogging volute spring, an ergonomic handle and a built-in wire cutter.

Roaring Spring Paper Products "Lefty" Notebook
Courtesy of amazon.com


$6.89 | Buy it on Amazon
Lefties learn young that traditional spiral notebooks were not designed with them in mind -- and they have the wire imprints on their hand to prove it -- but specialty notebooks can be costly. Right now, left-handed notebooks are on sale at Amazon. You can choose from four different colors and pick up a single notebook or a three-pack with a pen.

It's a lefty thing! 3 Ring Binder
Courtesy of zazzle.com


$24.25 | Buy it on Zazzle
When it comes to writing, notebooks are just one side of the anti-lefty coin. The other is three-ring binders. This heavy-duty vinyl binder is not only built for lefties, but it's bursting with lefty pride thanks to the "It's a Lefty Thing" proclamation on the cover.

The Evolution Left-handed Swiss Army Knife
Courtesy of leftyslefthanded.com


$79.95 | Buy it on Left's The Left Hand Store
What good are all those tiny little tools if they're designed to be held in your right hand, which is useless when it comes to tiny little tools? This Swiss Army Knife -- a genuine item actually manufactured by Wenger -- contains a thumb depression placed in just the right spot for lefties. Scissors, a can opener, bottle opener, tweezers and a corkscrew are just a few of the gadgets hidden within.

A4tech Ergonomic KBS-29 Left Handed Keyboard Black
Courtesy of newegg.com


$31.72 | Buy it on Newegg
Unlike standard keyboards that require a great, big reach for with every numerical command, the KBS-29 from A4tech places the numeral keypad right where it belongs -- on the left. The streamlined black keyboard connects with a USB interface.

Invicta Mens Lefty Chronograph Black Leather Watch 3332
Courtesy of amazon.com


$74.37 | Buy it at Walmart
Featuring black ionic plating and a black leather wristband, this Invicta is powered by Japanese quartz chronograph technology. Water resistant to 100 meters, the Lefty Chronograph features bright white hands with a yellow secondhand. The multifunctional watch features a date display and a tachymeter.

FastCap PSSR25 25 foot Lefty/Righty Measuring Tape
Courtesy of amazon.com


$9.99 | Buy it on Amazon
Meet the tape measure that unites the hands. This lefty/righty tape spans 25 feet and features both standard and reverse-standard rule. It comes with a protective rubber boot, a built-in pencil sharpener and an erasable notepad for scribbling down measurements on the go.

Left Handed Wood Fiddle Bow Bread Knife The Original
Courtesy of newhampshirebowlandboard.com


$22.99 | Buy it on New Hampshire Bowl & Board
If you're a lefty and have never been able to slice bread cleanly without ripping and tearing, that's because serrated knives are crafted to slice the right (handed) way. The Fiddle Bow bread knife cuts the left way. The serration on this stainless steel and wood knife slices easily for both thin and thick cuts without ever crushing or pulling.

Lefty's Left-Handed 2-Cup Glass Measuring Cup
Courtesy of leftyslefthanded.com


$19.99 | Buy it on Lefty's The Left Hand Store
Say goodbye to pouring your liquids into a measuring cup, setting it down and then turning it around so you can see the numbers. This two-cup glass measuring cup has the measurements printed right where lefties can see them. The heavy-duty cup is made from microwave- and dishwasher-safe borosilicate tempered glass.