17 Best Jobs for Introverts

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Introvert Expertise

Finding a career that is both fulfilling and lucrative can be challenging — especially for those who dislike social interaction. Jobs that are best suited to introverts typically involve working independently or in small groups and often call for skills such as research, analysis, and problem-solving that allow for a certain degree of autonomy and flexibility. Whether you're newly diving into the workforce or pondering a career change, here are some of the highest-rated jobs for introverts broken down by annual salary and job growth rate.

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Average Annual Salary: $67,120

Job Growth Rate (2020-2030): 9%

Writing and creating content, whether it be fiction or in a business setting, is an excellent career path for introverts or for those who dislike being micromanaged. While writers still have to meet deadlines and work with editors and other teams, the flexibility that comes with a writing job can be appealing to independent types.

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Graphic Designer

Average Annual Salary: $53,380

Job Growth Rate: 3%

Graphic design is a solid career choice for introverts because it allows for a high degree of creative expression and autonomy. Many aspects of graphic design — such as layout and choosing and setting type — can be completed independently or remotely and will likely not require constant interaction with others. 

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Data Analyst

Average Annual Salary: $63,865

Job Growth Rate: 23%

Thanks to the rapid implementation of automation in businesses and supply chains, jobs in data analysis are growing rapidly. Often involving work that calls for analyzing large sets of data and finding patterns and trends, data analysis is ideal for those who possess strong problem-solving skills, knowledge of computers and software, and the ability to work well with numbers and code. 

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Average Annual Salary: $73,560

Job Growth Rate: 7%

Accounting can be a solid career path for an introvert because daily tasks often involves working independently — with a focus on numbers and attention to detail. This type of work typically takes place in a quiet or remote environment, which is ideal for introverts who may feel drained by social interactions and in-person meetings. 

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Average Annual Salary: $60,820

Job Growth Rate: 9%

Librarians are responsible for tasks such as organizing and maintaining collections of books, periodicals, and other materials. While some social interaction — such as helping patrons find a book or showing them how to use certain resources — may be required, the job is still well-suited for those who enjoy working independently and have strong organization skills. 

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Information Technology Specialist

Average Annual Salary: $55,510

Job Growth Rate: 9%

Many IT specialties, such as software development, systems administration, and network engineering, require a great deal of problem-solving skills, coding, and attention to detail under minimal supervision — ideal for introverts who prefer to work from home or wish to keep social interactions to a minimum. 

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Average Annual Salary: $69,760

Job Growth Rate: 8%

Scientists often work independently in labs or in small groups to conduct research in a particular field such as anthropology, zoology, or chemistry, and an average day does not require a ton of social interaction. Becoming a scientist usually requires a long list of credentials, with a bachelor's degree a minimum and a master's often needed in a specified field such as physics and chemistry.

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Average Annual Salary: $83,160

Job Growth Rate: 6%

Always in high demand, engineers use mathematical and scientific principles to find technical solutions and build infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and buildings. Introverts or extroverts can thrive in engineering environments, and there are many branches to choose from,  including aerospace, biomedical, civil, mechanical, and industrial.

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Software Developer

Average Annual Salary: $95,314

Job Growth Rate: 25%

Many software development tasks, such as coding, debugging, and testing, can be done independently — and benefit from it, as they require a great deal of concentration and focus. Software development is a lucrative and rapidly growing field, providing introverts with the opportunity to learn skills, work from where they choose, and stay engaged with their work.


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Average Annual Salary: $82,320

Job Growth Rate: 3%

While some social interaction is required in this field, such as in meetings with clients and other industry professionals, much of an architect's time is spent working independently on planning and designing buildings. Architecture is a good career choice for introverts or those who enjoy using their creativity, drawing, and problem-solving skills.

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Average Annual Salary: $52,920

Job Growth Rate: 12%

Paralegals help attorneys prepare legal documents, conduct research, and organize case files. These tasks often require a great deal of independent work and attention to detail — traits many introverts possess. Though paralegals will need to work alongside lawyers and other professionals, they typically have a high degree of autonomy. 

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Average Annual Salary: $59,288

Job Growth Rate: 7%

Geology is another good career path for introverts, as the work often involves a combination of independent study and fieldwork and research that allow for solitude. Geologists may spend a significant amount of time in remote locations or labs where they study the earth and collect samples. 

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Technical Writer

Average Annual Salary: $74,650

Job Growth Rate: 12%

Technical writers produce instructional and technical documents such as how-to guides and manuals to communicate complex information in an easy-to-understand manner. Being able to work independently is a key component of this job, and technical writers typically will have the flexibility to work in a hybrid or fully remote environment. 

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Average Annual Salary: $105,900 

Job Growth Rate: 20%

Actuaries work with insurance companies and financial institutions to crunch numbers and analyze risk. (Not a field that gets a lot of attention from Hollywood, but maybe you recall Ben Stiller's job in "Along Came Polly" in 2004?) Though some social interaction will be required, the majority of the work is data-heavy and likely done on a computer. It's also one of the fastest-growing and highest-paid jobs on the market. 

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Average Annual Salary: $49,600

Job Growth Rate: 4%

Being an artist can be a good full- or part-time profession for introverts because it allows for self-expression and creativity in a solitary setting. Many artists work independently in a studio or at home, with the freedom to make their own schedules and hone skills on their own time. 

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Average Annual Salary: $63,400

Job Growth Rate: 5%

Editors serve as the link between writers and readers. Often working in an office or remote setting, editors analyze texts for clarity, consistency, and grammar. As an editor, one can work in different areas such as books, magazines, newspapers, or online content, and can specialize in a field that best aligns with their personal interests and passions.

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Average Annual Salary: $56,393

Job Growth Rate: 6%

While dealing with financial matters may be stressful for many people, it could be a good career path for introverts because it allows them to use their analytical skills to scour documents for accuracy and authenticity. The job requires strong attention to detail, a trait often associated with introverts.