The Best Tips and Tricks for Buying Groceries with Instacart



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Tips That Deliver

Online shopping is a convenient way to check errands off your to-do list without leaving the house. As shoppers choose grocery delivery for a number of reasons, Instacart is one of the most popular options. If you’re new to Instacart — or just looking for the latest tips and tricks — here are 10 ways to navigate Instacart to get the most out of your experience, while also saving money.

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Check Instacart for Deals

Check Instacart for Deals

Instacart is constantly running deals. Among some of the most recent: a year of free Grubhub+ and $5 off or free delivery on select Purina brand items. Always check for deals on the website before placing your order to ensure you’re getting the best deal Instacart offers. 

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Avoid Ordering During Peak Hours

Instacart shoppers are inundated with orders during peak times, making it more likely for certain items to be out of stock and for your order to take longer. Try ordering during less popular times to ensure things are in stock.

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You Can Use EBT to Pay for Your Instacart Order

You Can Use EBT to Pay for Your Instacart Order

Instacart allows shoppers to order using their EBT SNAP benefits. You have to enter them as a payment method and choose “EBT/SNAP” at checkout. Instacart also runs deals from time to time — the most current being free delivery on your first three EBT orders of $35 or more. 

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Always Fill out the Notes Section

Before placing your order, fill out the notes section of the shopping list wherever applicable. This is a great way to leave requests or helpful commentary for your shopper — the more descriptive, the better. 

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Keep in Touch With Your Shopper

Both the customer and the shopper need to be near their app when an order is filled. It can be very frustrating to order one thing and get something else delivered as a customer. Be as present on the app as possible because your shopper may text you about an item being out of stock. The sooner you respond, the faster you’ll get the order you want. 

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Have Your Groceries Delivered When You’re Home

It’s good to be home when your groceries are delivered, even if you’re looking for a completely contactless delivery experience. This way, you can bring them inside immediately, saving them from melting in the heat, getting taken, or having bugs crawl.

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Get Cash Back by Uploading Receipts

Upload your receipt for cashback rewards. Uploading receipts to Ibotta, PayPal, Fetch, or similar rewards services can be an additional side hustle, as they offer cashback and gifts. 

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